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>> Monday, July 13, 2015

We’re at the beach! Our annual vacation kicked off Saturday with a 6.5 hour drive to Cape May, NJ. It shouldn’t take nearly that long -- but wow did we run into some horrendous traffic. This was our first long car trip where Ada didn’t have some complete meltdown, and I think our van might have something to do with it. All that space sure came in handy when we were packing, too.

Here’s what’s going on:

We feel so fortunate to be on vacation. We don’t do it often, so when we do get away -- it feels absolutely amazing. And this is silly, but I look forward to visiting the ocean each year because my allergies completely disappear! In fact, my sinuses clear up and I usually feel amazing. Less stress, too. Might have something to do with my 5-mile beach run this morning.

Sigh. If I only had $1,000,000 to move here.

OK. Here’s something I just have to share with you. I hate being in the sun. So, spending days on the beach can be hard because I’m basically sunburn-phobic. I looked around on Amazon before our trip and found this absolutely amazing umbrella called the ezShade Umbrella.

Check it out:

The shade area is SO BIG and GLORIOUS. The umbrella also blocks out 99 percent of UVA + UVB rays. And if you don’t want or need a whole new umbrella, they also just sell the sunshield. You attach it to the umbrella with velcro and anchor the bottom with sand. Then as the sun moves throughout the day, you just remove and move with it. It also gives major privacy (like -- I wish I had it when I was nursing!). Seriously cannot say enough good things.

You might also spy our Allen Bike Trailer/Jogger in the background. This is the first time we’ve brought it to the beach, and we’re so excited to try it out and bike around. Right now we’re just using the stroller function, but it’s nice to have the double duty. It’s also great at hauling some of our beach gear.

I’ll hop on soon to share a fun vacation recipe with you. For now, check out some of the articles I’ve written for other sites. I share these only to give you some fun reading material -- I don’t get paid per click or anything like that.

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Happy Monday!

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