How I’m Moving These Days

>> Monday, August 24, 2015

A couple notes on fitness today. I’ve started a loose 10K training plan. I don’t have a race in mind, but after months of not running on any sort of plan, I was craving some structure. I’m still trying to balance TTC with running and exercise. Though I ran a 12-miler the day before getting my positive pregnancy test with Ada, the trouble we’ve having this time around has me set on a more conservative approach.


Yes. I’m frustrated with it. And many of you have told me I don’t need to worry about mileage while TTC. I’m doing what I feel is right for me and my body. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size approach. What works for one person (or one pregnancy) isn’t necessarily the best choice for another.

Here’s the plan I’m currently following. I’m hoping to find some type of 10K to do in the fall just for fun. Though I am trying to do some speed one day a week, that’s not really my goal with this adventure. It’s more about getting myself on a plan and gaining motivation.

Onto week two!

I ran my first speed workout in what felt like years last week. I did a one mile warmup, then two timed miles -- the first at 7:32, the next at 7:25 -- and then a cool down. I’m not in peak shape, but I was incredibly surprised that I’ve retained any speed at all! Definitely encouraging. Just goes to show that consistent training over the years pays off, even if you have a lapse in serious training.

For the cross-training, I’ve been doing Barre3 workouts online.


I’ve also committed myself to yoga. I used to practice quite regularly. I’d take two classes a week and spend time on my mat at home. I fell (way!) out of this habit years ago. I was writing an article on yoga the other day, and I came across Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. I’ve been hooked on her classes ever since.

I even started the 30-Day Yoga Challenge.

I also took my first studio yoga class in years yesterday. It was an easy flow, and I think I’ll be returning to take at least one class per week once Ada starts preschool. I used to treat yoga like a major athletic event. I always wanted to feel the burn. These days? I’m enjoying the stress-relieving aspect and the stretching.

Feels gooooooooooooooooood!

How are you moving these days?

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