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>> Thursday, August 27, 2015

Happy Thursday, friends! I cannot believe Stephen will be back at work in less than two weeks. Where did the summer go? (Side note: I feel like NY starts school wayyyyy late this year. Am I right?) Anyway, lots going on here as we round out the season and prepare for the new year.

So, I thought I’d share my Weekend Things a little early this week.

// 1. I cannot wait to share this awesome slow cooker recipe with you! It’s based on this Slow Cooker Lasagna from Oh My Veggies. Delish!

// 2. Pun-Fueld Food Map of Each US State via Distractify

// 3. 7 Rules Every Tomato Grower Should Follow via Rodale

// 4. We got a piano! We weren’t actively looking for one, but it’s also been in the back of our minds. So, Stephen and I had a date the other day and checked out a new-to-us antique shop. This 1976 beauty was sitting in the front . . . and at just $160, I had to have it.

We’re going to need to get it tuned and repaired a bit, but it seems pretty solid.

I’ve already been busting out a few Elton John hits.

// 5. Some deals:

// 6. OK. So, this isn’t a deal, but I pooled my birthday money and bought a pair of Birkenstock Paris clogs. And I am absolutely in love. They are by far the most comfortable and cool looking shoes I’ve ever owned. I’m a soft footbed convert, and I always order narrow for the best fit.

I’ll try to snap a better photo sometime soon.

(Check out these peppers from our garden!)

// 7. Have any of you heard of the Circle + Bloom relaxation audio tracks?

I found them while doing some searches on fertility stuff. I’ve only downloaded the free trial track . . . but wow did it relax me. I don’t necessarily think I’d try these thinking they’d result in a BFP, but I could sure use some relaxation.

Just wondered if any of you have tried anything similar for visualization and stress relief.

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