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>> Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I just finished my run, and it’s only 7AM! I’m absolutely not a morning runner, but I guess we’re expected to have temps in the 90s the next couple days. No, thanks. (Fall, where are you?!) I will say that starting my day early with a run certainly has me more productive. I really am a morning person at heart, so I hope the school season will hopefully shift me more back in that direction.

Yeah. Stephen goes back to work today. We’re so lucky to have him home with us for 10 weeks over the summer. I’d say we made the most of our time together. Now that it’s back to the grind, I’ve been preparing with all sorts of chores, organization projects, and other stuff.

I started by creating this yoga nook in our bedroom. It’s really no big deal, but I liked the idea of having a dedicated place to practice. You know, besides in the living room while my preschooler crawls all over me and I have to listen to Octonauts in the background.

I simply gathered up all my mats, blocks, straps, balls, and even a set of light weights and put them in a sturdy basket in the corner of the room. I also removed the old fluffy rug that was there and cleaned up the mirror so I can check my posture. I keep some essential oil room sprays in the shelf (for those of you who were asking, here’s a similar one) to help set the mood.

We ran out of laundry soap over the weekend, so I whipped up a new batch using my favorite recipe + a bar of Kirk’s Castile. I’ll have to let you know if I notice any difference changing soap. Some of you asked how we store our laundry soap (because we do liquid batches, 5 gallons at a time). We use an old Igloo Water Cooler we had in our garage. It works really well. We just make sure to stir everything up every week or so.

We’ve been making our own laundry soap for well over a year now, and I really like it. I will admit that for stinkier loads (exercise clothes -- lots of ‘em), we add an occasional scoop of OxiClean Free. It helps keep the stink at bay in those shorts that might have been in the basket a couple days.

I hung a few hooks in the kitchen door to make a place for my pizza peel and apron to live. Having ingredients, kitchen tools, and other stuff hanging around can look sort of busy. Still, I’ve found the functionality of having everything I regularly use so accessible to be well worth small visual disturbances.

I need to do an updated kitchen tour soon. We also hung this nifty spice rack I found at a thrift shop that was brand new, in the box from the 80s -- and it’s absolutely perfect! I also made the switch from our heavy Fiestaware (most of ours is in Peacock) to Corelle (I went with simple White) dishes for everyday eating. I still love all the colors and the classic appeal of Fiestaware, but it’s so cumbersome.

Speaking of kitchen tools, I gave my beloved spoons and other woodens some love this weekend. For the longest time I was entirely intimidated by wooden utensils and the like. They’d inevitably dry out when Stephen would -- with the best of intentions -- run them through the dishwasher. That’s a huge no-no.

For everyday use, simply rinse the wooden thing with hot water. That should get the majority of gunk off, especially if you do it at once when you’ve finished cooking or baking. I have also collected a few antique items through the years (that blonde rolling pin, for example), so to get that up to speed I use some Dr. Bronner’s soap and hot water. Wash a couple times.

Then -- whatever your method -- let it dry completely (several hours) before applying walnut oil (from my research, one of the only food oils that won’t go rancid) or mineral oil (petroleum-based, but that’s what most of the “cutting board” oils you’ll find that the store are) with a cloth. Let that soak in for 12 to 24 hours before using.

Oh, and I must say that my olive wood utensils fare the best of all.


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