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>> Friday, September 11, 2015

Hello, friends. I made a tasty vegan Sloppy Joes recipe -- lentils!!! -- last night in our slow cooker. You HAVE to try it. The original looked great, but I beefed up the protein by adding a can of vegetarian refrained beans to the pot. I also made some quick homemade buns and tidied up the open shelving while they baked.

So organized now:

// 1: 9/11

I recently watched The Women Who Wasn’t There and her crazy tale “experiencing" everything that fateful day. Anyway, I still take time each 9/11 to reflect on the day, its mammoth impact, and to send out some good thoughts into the world. PS: Here are 6 Documentaries You Can Stream Right Now to Reflect on 9/11.

// 2: Silhouettes 

I’m becoming increasingly fond of silhouettes (which, by the way, I can barely spell!). I’d love to create a gallery wall of them like this in our living room. I even found this awesome tutorial for making your own!

// 3: Fly Bait

We’re dealing with fruit flies all of a sudden over here, which is strange because I’ve been keeping the kitchen cleaner than ever! I’m going to try the apple cider vinegar method to keep them at bay.

// 4: Quick Clean

I’m planning a post on cleaning soon. But sometimes there’s just no time! Here’s a great post with some suggestions on how to get your place at least feel “clean” in a flash. I try to do most of these things daily.

// 5: Do you knit or unravel?

I love this essay (my friend Ellie shared it) by Stephanie Danier titled There are Those Who Knit, and Those Who Unravel.

// 6: Some deals:
// 7: Cider Doughnuts

On the menu this weekend: Smitten Kitchen’s Apple Cider Doughnuts!

// 8: Freezing, Not Forgetting

This is a fantastic article (from 1992!) on Freezing and Cooking Your Garden Vegetables. Freezing is my favorite preservation method because it’s so easy.

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// Also:

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