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>> Tuesday, October 6, 2015

From henna hair color to bottle blonde and now to purple. I’ve been dying my hair for a really freaking long time. Like, I don’t remember the natural color sort of long. And now I’ve given in to the latest trend of purple locks, and I sort of love it. I’m sure some of you are like “we GET it, Ashley -- enough with the constant stream of Instagram photos!” 

But, you guys, I’m having my hair moment. My Clementine hair moment.

So, I went from this:

To this:

(Oh, and this is a selfie-heavy post. Sorry.)

I’m using Overtone color-depositing conditioners at the suggestion of several readers. When I saw that the stuff is chemical-free (peroxide, ammonia, etc.), cruelty-free, and comes in so many colors, I said SIGN ME UP. I initially ordered the pastel purple, thinking that my blonde locks would soak in the tinge of color. And all it did was pleasantly tone the brass out of my hair.

So, once they got their vibrant purple back in stock, I ordered that -- stat. And during my first application, I was actually shocked and annoyed that it barely took to my hair. So, I did a little digging and decided to apply it to DRY hair for like 20 minutes. I even covered it with plastic wrap.

Yup. That worked like a charm.

(No filter:)

I am pro-Overtone.

Also: This isn’t in any way a sponsored post, I’m just enthusiastic about it.

So, I can wash my greasy hair every freakin' day and follow up with the daily conditioner. To get the best results, I usually towel dry my hair and let that stuff sit in around 10 minutes (longer than the directions). But it’s been working out great. I’d love to even do some pink over this purple color for more of a lilac effect. We’ll see.

Then I do the deep conditioner for some extra color punch once a week.

I don’t know how long I’ll keep up with purple hair. Or rainbow colored hair, since I’d love to try other colors. For now, I’m enjoying the flexibility I have to do this style since I still work from home. Honestly, I bet my boss at my last office job would have been cool with it. It’s fun. Ada loves it. In the end, it’s only hair.

And it’s way better than my DIY undercut, right?

(Side note: I’m still SO surprised + endlessly entertained by the negative feedback I got on that hairstyle. I got a couple emails -- really! -- from people telling me I made a huge mistake and that it looked awful. Dude. It’s hair. My hair! To me, not being adventurous at all with something as fleeting as hair is so terribly boring.)

As the blonde grows out of my hair or I get it cut, the color will be less noticeable unless I bleach it blonder. The color will also slowly fade (about at the same rate as semi-perm dye) if I keep washing it out. Overtone does carry some intense color depositing conditioners that are very bold, so there’s also that option. For now, I’m good. My purple hair even has me experimenting with new hairstyles.


If you’ve been interested in dying your hair a funky color -- do it.

Life’s too short not to have fun with your hair.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a tasty mac + cheese recipe!

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