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>> Sunday, October 18, 2015

How are you all doing on this fine Sunday evening? The temps here plummeted so low over the weekend that we actually had snow showers this morning. It’s happening! Winter will soon be upon us. I -- for one -- plan to roll in as many leaf piles as I can before they’re gone.

#1: I am newly obsessed with Fixer Upper. We haven’t had cable since, well, I cannot remember. My mom was always telling me I’d love this show, and then I saw it appear on Netflix. Well, I got extremely excited because I used to follow Joanna’s blog way back in the day. I remember drooling over her farmhouse.

A week and a half in, and I am almost done with the season. Everything is so on point!

#2: We’ve been drinking quite a bit of Pumpkin Hot Chocolate using flax milk and cacao powder. Actually, we just started this tradition on Saturday game night. Started a nice, big fire in the fireplace. We all got into our PJs. Then we played a few games (Candy Land!). It was such a nice way to connect as a family after a long, busy week.

#3: I also bought one of those Himalayan salt lamps (this exact one in all its phallic glory!) that supposedly clean the air. I don’t really know if they work or not. I didn’t buy it really for that purpose. Instead, I’ve been using it daily to help with stress. I turn it on, do some yoga, and the amber glow seriously melts my worries away.

#4: See photo above. Seriously. How do warty gourds make my place feel so cozy?

#5: I have these four gigantic honey crisp apples just begging to be made into something. I’ve been there + done that with pies, tarts, crisps, and applesauce. Any new and fun ideas to share? I can smell them baking as I type this!

#6: Is there anything prettier than this insanely organized laundry nook? Our machines are in the dungeon side of the basement, so I’m not sure if this pin will ever become a reality. But a girl can dream, right?

#7: I may have bought Ada her first violin as a Christmas present this year. They had some on Zulily (event is over -- but it’s just like these ones!) . . . and I decided to get her a 1/8 size to grow into. She’s quite tall and long for her age, so it was the best I could figure for measurements.

Do any of your kids play instruments? We’ve been pecking at the piano. At this stage, I know it will mostly be play (we won’t start her on lessons till she’s a bit older), but she loves my violin so much . . . I cannot wait for her to open that gift!

#8: I have some late fall/early winter homesteading goals that I plan to share this week. Stay tuned for those. First up is making new winter hats for everyone on my Martha Stewart loom.


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