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>> Thursday, November 5, 2015

I’m all over the place these days. For the first time in ages, I just don’t have my posts planned and scheduled. So, thanks for your patience with these sporadic, random updates. I’m trying to keep myself from going insane until my next appointment later in the month. After that, I think I might be able to at least breathe a bit. Staying hopeful for a healthy pregnancy after the year we’ve had is proving nearly impossible for me. I wish I was a less sensitive person.

Anyway, November is Ada’s birthday month (FOUR!).

So, I’ve been slowly planning her party. It’s going to be small (probably 5 kids maximum -- next year we will invite more kids + do something crazy for turning five) and revolve around all things Play-Doh. We won’t be having it near her actual birthday because Stephen’s cross country team will be at states that weekend (they have their qualifying meet today -- big excitement!).

But here are my preliminary plans:

Just hoping I can also somehow keep it simple so it doesn’t look like an explosion. Meh. It’s a kid party, though. I guess that’s just part of the deal. Ada can’t wait for her birthday. And after we celebrate, it’s this huge landslide into Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the new year. Phew!

(PS: Here’s what Ada’s party was like last year, the year before, and for the big ONE.)

Those of you with fall and winter birthday babes -- how do you plan your parties? 

I am a summer baby, and most of mine were in the great outdoors on warm summer afternoons. So much easier that way! We recently went to a party at a bounce castle place, and it was AWESOME. We are thinking of booking that for Ada’s party next year and having a larger group.

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