Mango Lassi with Kefir

>> Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A recipe! I’m trying not to jinx myself, but I’ve been feeling relatively OK the last couple days. I do have some notes from when I was pregnant with Ada, and I remember having a few no-nausea days only to have it come back full force. I’ll take what I can get. I’m also starting to wonder if my diet has something to do with feeling better.

Until last week, I had been eating a lot of sugar. It wasn’t that I really wanted to, necessarily. But I noticed I’d stop getting sick if I continually fed the sugar and carb monster. Then I’d inevitably crash, feel worse nausea than ever, and the whole cycle would start over again. After finding out I have a asymptomatic UTI from strep B (different from just testing positive at the end of pregnancy -- ugh), I’m on antibiotics, so I’ve been careful about my probiotic intake and cutting back on the sugar, which can feed infection.

This is a long intro to my new favorite smoothie. It’s a "mango lassi" made with -- you guessed it -- kefir. I’ve been drinking kefir off and on for a few years, but I always fall out of the habit. It’s really good for you if you stick with the plain variety. And I know lots of people make their own at home, too.

Just blend together . . .
  • 1 cup plain kefir
  • 1/2 cup (heaping!) frozen or fresh mango
  • Fresh mint (to garnish -- I don’t have any this time of year)
I’ve been buying the Siggi’s filmjork (it’s a lot like kefir) at Wegmans. It’s my favorite and it’s not loaded with sugar. It’s also pasteurized, which is important during pregnancy. (I know people have different opinions on food dos and don’ts, but I stick on the safer side after doing some research about how pregnant women are way more susceptible to food illnesses when pregnant.)

Also: My VillaWare blender has been working REALLY well! I’m so glad I didn’t invest in anything more expensive this time around.

I’m also taking a probiotic supplement. Ever since I started adding the probiotics into my diet and lessening my sugar, I haven’t actually been sick (you know what I mean) and have only had some mild episodes of nausea. I am also getting closer to 12 weeks, so that might be to thank as well. Whatever works.

Only time will tell. But I hope you enjoy this recipe. It’s easy to make + super satisfying.


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