Pregnancy: Week 17

>> Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The big news this week? I have nausea again! It’s been quite bad, actually. I’ve also had two nasty colds since the start of January -- but I think today I’m finally on the mend. I hope, at least. I even went to the doctor on Saturday convinced I had either a sinus or ear infection, but nothing. She did prescribe me meds if I felt I was getting worse or got a fever, but they were all class C, so thankfully I don’t think I’ll need to take them.

Here’s what happens to the 17-week bump after a 3-mile treadmill jog!

Holy gravity!

I’m definitely growing, that’s for sure. But I’d say this photo isn’t a fair representation of my belly’s true size. It doesn’t normally look much bigger than last week’s shot. The baby is over 5 inches from crown to rump right now. I pulled out a ruler to show Ada and got a bit shocked myself that something that “big” is in there right now.

We find out the sex one week from today. What do you guys think: Boy, girl, alien?! Here’s a rundown of some of the old wives' tales and how the “data” is leaning. I wrote an article early in the fall about why none of the old wives tales are actually true, so I don’t put any stock in this stuff.

Oh, and when I did a post like this during Ada’s pregnancy. Results? I had 7 votes for BOY and only 2 for GIRL! So, check this out:

Morning sickness: Girl, ugh
Cravings: Girl (#allthesweets)
Partner’s weight gain: Boy (Stephen is slim as ever)
Heart rate: 150-160, so Girl
Carrying: Low-ish, so Boy
Gut Feeling: Girl. I even bought a striped pink onesie. (Kept the receipt.)
Mayan table: Girl
Chinese gender predictor: Girl
Ramzi Method: Girl, baby implanted on the left

BOY: 2

So, does that mean boy if we’re using 2011 logic? We’ll likely know in seven days.

I’m starting to panic . . . about losing sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I’m over the moon to be pregnant and almost at the halfway point. Sometimes I’m still in disbelief. But now that Ada is over 4, life is SO EASY in the sleep department especially. There are times when I’m just exhausted and get to sleep in till 8. She wakes in the night only when she’s sick, which is rare. I had a rough time with losing sleep during the infancy days, so I guess I need to prepare myself!

Last week’s workouts:

  • M: 3 mile treadmill jog
  • T: Rest 
  • W: 3 mile treadmill jog + 15 min walk
  • R: 15 min spinning bike, 15 min treadmill hill walk, 10 min Barre
  • F: 3.5 mile jog outside
  • S: Rest (sick)
  • S: Rest (sick)

My biggest pregnancy complaint right now is my SI joint. I actually had a major SI joint issue when I was in PT for IT-band stuff during marathon training in 2010. It did act up toward the end of Ada’s pregnancy, but it seems it’s already a problem in this pregnancy. I do think it will impact my workouts, especially because the treadmill tends to aggravate it and it “feels like -2” outside, so I’m sticking to indoor workouts. Any tips for dealing with this issue? I may seek out PT or a chiropractor before it gets really bad.

Other stuff:

Weight: 140, no gain since last week (nausea)
Next midwife appointment: at 20 weeks!
Next ultrasound: Jan. 26th!
Baby is the size of: An onion
Ada thinks it’s a: GIRL
Upcoming DIY: Pom mobile based on this one. Stay tuned!

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