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>> Wednesday, January 20, 2016

When I asked what you guys want more of in the new year, some of you said you prefer the random kitchen sink posts. Me too! I have a heavier one coming later in the week (or, I guess, tomorrow!), so here’s something light. What’s we’re up to, what we’re digging, and what my new hobby obsession is.

I’ll call these posts, “the rest of the story . . .” since they feature snippets from Instagram.

// New Cooker

The cord to our old slow cooker was starting to deteriorate, so we decided to indulge in a new crock pot device this weekend. We could have replaced the cord, but the pot was given to us like 7 years ago by my in-laws (and it was already quite old at that point!). I had strongly considered ordering the Instant Pot. So many of my friends just rave about that thing. In the end, I figured I probably wouldn’t use all of its fancy functions enough.

What did we go with? The Aroma 3-in-1 Cooker! It’s a rice cooker, steamer, and slow cooker in one handy pot. It’s really lightweight and it has lots of functions, including a digital timer, which is something that has already made my life somewhat easier. Oh, and it was only $36! I’m already in love. We simmered some Miso Split Pea Soup to break it in (using lentils in place of the split peas). Delicious!

// Stitching Fun

Some of you who have read the blog for a long time might remember that I used to do a great deal of embroidery. (Maybe I didn’t talk about that on this blog, but -- instead -- my older one. I can’t remember!) Anyway, it’s been ages since I’ve stitched anything to completion . . . so I bought myself a little kit to play around with at Walmart of al places. Definitely worth the $5.

I’d never done any type of chalkboard design (or cross-stitching, for that matter), but -- wow -- I love it. I’ve already ordered a couple more chalkboard themed ones, including this “I love you a bushel and a peck...” and “Just be happy...” and, my favorite “You are my sunshine”. I figure they’ll make nice nursery art (or gifts) AND give me some quiet activity in the months ahead.

// Orange Hair

I got sick of purple said and decided to try orange on. The thing is, I absolutely LOVE the color. It looks awesome and even better when it’s washed out slightly. Warm, vibrant tones for sure. And they don’t look entirely unnatural during the fade phase (which is why I bought the color to check it out originally).

The only problem? My roots! Ugh. They’re so bad. I’ve decided to skip traditional coloring for my pregnancy, so the roots are here to stay and will probably get worse and worse looking. This stuff will be going back in my bathroom cabinets, though, for when I get a touch-up and want to pretend I’m a ginger for a couple weeks.

I’ll have a video on how to apply Overtone hair depositing conditioners for you on Friday.

// Best Cupcakes

Despite being awfully sick, there were some really good points of our weekend. One of my favorites is when Stephen was downstairs running on the treadmill blasting Built to Spill. Ada was playing in the next room (ALONE!) with her doll house (thank you, Gigi and Granco!), and I decided to surprise everyone with some cupcakes. It’s the best gift to give, especially when you get to enjoy them yourself.

If you’re looking for THE BEST combination. Try this chocolate cupcake recipe (from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World!) and this peanut butter frosting (halve that one since it’s for 24 versus 12, which is what the cupcake recipe yields). So good. With the frosting, I like to add a couple tablespoons of granulated sugar at the end for texture/crunch AND a dash for salt for flavor.

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!

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