Pregnancy: Week 21 // Video

>> Friday, February 19, 2016

Thanks for sharing all your labor and birth experiences on my last post. I guess there's really no telling if Baby E will come early, late, or on time! One thing is for sure -- I feel way more pregnant at this stage than I did with Ada. I don't mean to moan about it too much, but my aching back! By the end of each night, I am all sorts of a mess. I may invest in a pregnancy support belt soon . . . and a few of your suggested a Blanqi Support Tank, and I like the looks of that.

Bump shot. This is also my standard uniform these days. Yoga pants and a basic t-shirt.

Something different for today -- a video update for you guys today!

Some highlights:

// I'm feeling a lot of aches and pains, especially in my back and lower belly. Apparently I carry pregnancies low, which is why I feel this way, I'm sure.

// My running days are numbered. It's just not comfortable anymore. I need to stop comparing myself to my 27-year-old pregnant self and just embrace what feels best. I'm working on it.

// My first prenatal yoga class is this weekend! I had so much trouble finding one in my area, so I'm really excited for it. Hoping I can meet some other moms and relax.

// Time is really slowing down for me. I'd love if I could reach the viability stage, like, yesterday (around 24 weeks). My next midwife appointment is just shy of this milestone, so it cannot come soon enough.

// I'm taking baths in epsom salts each night to see if it will help with my Braxton Hicks contractions. It's also a nice ritual that is helping me just disconnect and breathe.

// I'd be ready if the baby came today. Not that I want her to arrive early -- but I have everything we need basically just hanging around the nursery. I'm definitely not a typical "seasoned" mom and I'm way too excited about having another baby in the house. It's been so long.

// Overall I'm having some anxiety about making it to the end of pregnancy. I always tell my midwife everything I'm thinking so I'm feeling OK, but I'm not able to ever forget I'm pregnant. It's constantly in my mind, and I kind of wish I could just let go and enjoy. I'm trying some breathing exercises and other relaxation techniques to help.

Other stuff:

How I'm sleeping: Not well. Peeing 10,000 times per night
Weight gained: 7 pounds
Days till due date: 128
Latest craving: Peanut Butter M&Ms
Biggest complaint: Cannot sit without back pain
Feel best when: I'm hunched over my Yogibo at night
Kind of freaked about: The early days of breastfeeding
What I don't care about: My pregnancy style! Thank goodness I work from home.

Other updates:
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