snu:mee baby 3-in-1 music box // review

>> Saturday, February 20, 2016

While we're on all things baby, I have a review for you guys today. The folks at Baby Stars - rock2sleep recently contacted me to see if I wanted to review their baby monitor + music box + mp3 player called snu:mee. This product has gained some real popularity among music-loving parents in Europe. Now? It's soon making its debut in the United States.

Take a look:

The very first thing I discovered after I charged mine up is that the sound on this thing is amazing. The tones come through crystal clear, so apart from any baby monitor functionality, it truly is a great music player. The pre-loaded songs are soothing versions of rock + pop hits, very similar to those Rockabye Baby! CDs that Stephen and I love. My favorite pre-load is actually the sound of a hairdryer -- it's the perfect white noise.

You can also transfer songs from your own music library onto the device along with audiobooks. Another cool feature? You can even record your own voice. So, if you are going on a business trip or just want to do something personal, your baby will be able to hear your voice. (And speaking of that, you can also talk real-time through the device to coax your child back in to bed!)

What else I like: You can place your snu:mee in a bunch of adorable sleeves that coordinate with your nursery décor.

Some features:
  • Baby monitor with up to 300m signal range
  • Feature packed MP3 player
  • Free app for iOS and Android
  • 60 decibel volume limiter for babies' sensitive hearing
  • Headphone connector
  • Sleep timer allowing you to decide how long the music plays
  • Wi-Fi music streaming
  • Secure connection
  • Variety of cuddly sleeves to choose from
  • 4GB memory, enough for more than 500 songs
Here you can see it in action:

My only critique is that I wish snu:mee came with a dedicated listening device for the monitor portion. Using my iPhone -- while convenient at times -- doesn't make me feel entirely comfortable, especially for overnights. I'm old school in that way, I suppose. I am the kind of mom who wants to hear absolutely everything going on in my baby's room at all times. I think I would use this as a monitor for an older baby or toddler and a more traditional one for a newborn.

That being said, the free app for controlling the device is easy to use and lets you connect with your home wifi or a dedicated wifi just with the device. You can do anything from load songs to listen in with ease.

Oh! And Ada enjoys listening to the tunes, so the monitor can grow with older kids like her, too. She could use it as an mp3 player in her room to play her favorite music (which right now is garage rock like Ty Segall, thanks to Stephen). Definitely a baby monitor for the modern age.

// Again, snu:mee is launching soon in the United States via crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo. If this kind of device looks cool to you -- you can get it now at a special early bird price (just $79 with April delivery!) through the campaign.

Thanks to Baby Stars for providing the snu:mee. Opinions on this product are my own.

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