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>> Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hello, blog break! I didn't mean to go MIA on you guys. We were in a deep freeze for most of the long weekend. Then this (very early) morning we woke to the sound of plows and got overly optimistic that Stephen might have a snow day (he hasn't had a single one this year!). A few hours later? Raindrops, lots of them. So, Stephen got a delay, Ada had school canceled, and I'm trying to catch up with my freelance stuff.

I have a few random things I wanted to share or have been meaning to share. Recipes and other notes from life. Let's do this thing!

#1: You MUST make BBQ glazed tempeh.

I came up with this "recipe" the night of the Superbowl. It's basically like 101 Cookbooks Orange Glazed Tempeh, but with a twist. Simply fry your tempeh, then mix together 1/2 cup of your favorite BBQ sauce with 1/4 cup orange juice (you can play with ratios to make more/less) and simmer on the stove until it's glazed. So delicious.

#2: I found Baby E.'s take-home outfit today.

It was on the clearance rack at Target. I didn't even go looking for it, it just sort of stood out to me. A rainbow, of course, to honor the little ones that came before her. I cannot wait to see her on the outside. Here's hoping she's tiny and will wear NB like Ada -- it was the only outfit like this in the entire store.

#3: My belly is so much bigger this time around.

And I totally expected that . . . just not quite this much difference. As I mentioned on Facebook, I'm nearing week 22, but I'm more the size I was at week 27/28 last time around. I already feel third trimester with back aches, ligament pains, and general blah. Any suggestions on how to survive as I expand? I feel like my running days are going to soon come to a close if I don't figure out something soon! That's OK with me, but I had no idea I'd feel THIS pregnant so soon!

#4: We gave our half bath a random mini-makeover.

I'll write more about this in an upcoming post, but we discovered that our sink/pipes were leaking last weekend. We had been meaning to switch out the pedestal sink for a while, so we just . . . did it. And I love our new, big sink! While we were at it, we also changed the flooring!

#5: This is my new favorite photo of all time!

Ada loves feeling around for baby sister's kicks!

#6: Coconut oil = Hair magic.

My hair has been a mess. I don't really want to chop it off, but all the bleaching and blonde dye I did over the summer has certainly done damage. I asked you guys for suggestions and tried doing a coconut oil "mask" of sorts on it, and wow am I thrilled with the results! I can't wait to try some other suggestions.

That's all for today. I'll be back soon with my next installment of Actively Trying. In my last post, I shared our whole TTC and infertility/recurrent miscarriage story, so if you missed it -- you can read all that here.

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