7 Clutter Categories // Spring Clean

>> Tuesday, March 29, 2016

When we set out to start our spring cleaning, we were dealing with a lot of different obstacles. We just didn't know where to start. So, we decided to think about the different categories of stuff we had cluttering up our house on the inside and out. It helped us get in the right mindset to go through whatever we encountered and -- then -- to bust through.

Once we got a handle on all that, our plan of attack became much more clear.


Of everything, clothing seems to suck up the most space in our house. For me, it's from my ever-changing body. I was one size before I had Ada. Another size afterward. And another size last year. Now I'm pregnant and have two general sizes of maternity clothing. That's just me. Ada had WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES to even pass along to Baby E. The way we could tell our clothing was out of control? We had bins upon bins of it in the garage. We also had quite a laundry pileup on the daily.

Someday Stuff

This is stuff we were hanging onto for one reason or another. Like, just in case we might need a random chair someplace in the house. Or that extra tricycle someone found at a garage sale. Basically, this category is really broad and showcases our mini hoarding from either getting deals on stuff, buying multiples, or generally over-consuming.


Then there were boxes of papers and documents that we were hold onto because we didn't know what to do with them. Or they needed shredding and we hadn't gotten around to it. Stuff like old checkbooks, tax returns from the early 2000s, mortgage paperwork from our first house, computers that hadn't been hooked up since college, etc., etc., etc. We had several bins full of this stuff we were simply too afraid to throw away. On top of that, we found a bunch of items that were broken beyond repair that we were holding onto thinking maybe someday we'd figure out how to salvage them.


Well, not necessarily gifts . . . but stuff we came into possession of whether we wanted to or not. We're talking bags of clothing from friends and family. Random toys or other items that were either duplicates or just never used. And a lot of this stuff we had said YES to accepting, etc. This category is really tricky, guys. Because we're always thankful at the generosity of others. A lot of times, we can all benefit from sharing things. But there are other times when the influx of stuff is just overwhelming. Then there's guilt for getting rid. Right?


Yearbooks. Photos. Albums. Old sheet music from sophomore choral and band festivals. Video tapes, CDs, and DVDs from life events, college papers. I mean, you name it -- we have it. This is a category we are still dealing with because we didn't want to purge and regret. I'll get more on this in my next post.

Demo Remnants 

We work on our house. A lot. So, in the winter, we tossed demo materials in the garage for spring cleaning only to find out that our trash collection no longer takes these items. In all, we had the leftovers of a huge tool bench from the basement, several doors that we had replaced in the house, and other odds and ends of splintery, nail-poked wood.


Last, there were boxes of things we would open and be like -- WHAT? I don't even remember this stuff? And you know what we did with those boxes? We sort of looked through them, just to make sure nothing important was mixed in. But if it had been out of sight and out of mind long enough for us to forget -- we donated them immediately.

Stay tuned! In tomorrow's post, I'm going to talk about how we dealt with these categories from a letting go perspective. How we decided what to keep, what to give away, and how we were able to make $200 from selling a few things.

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