Pregnancy: Week 25

>> Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Not a whole lot has been changing from week to week with my pregnancy, so for now I plan to group and do updates every other week (or so -- who knows, I change my mind constantly). I'm 25 weeks and 3 days today. Just 102 days to go according to my Sprout app. That sounds so far along and so far away all at the same time.

Here's the bump (it's so dark outside today!):

Though I get lots of Braxton Hicks, so far I seem to have avoided irritable uterus. At least how it was with Ada. I credit being able to vary my days between sitting/standing more. And I make a point to lay down whenever I first notice them. This is a true luxury, I know, with working from home. But not having the completely anxiety of contracting all the time has been really nice. I hope it keeps up this way. I probably get 1-2 an hour, max in the afternoon + evenings. They do start to get bad if I sit at my desk or ride in a car for longer than 30 minutes.

After yet another mini-freakout about GBS UTI #2, I decided I'm just going to trust my midwife. I have read a ton of research and info, and because I've had GBS persistently in my urine, I'm highly colonized and have a much greater chance of passing it on during labor. (Ugh. Terrifying.) I'll write more about my thoughts re: labor soon, but with Ada -- I was only laboring for around 5 hours (!!!) before I started pushing. I'm hoping to get those antibiotics in time, but I guess we'll likely be in the hospital for 48 hours after Baby E's birth if I don't get them.

We are trying to make plans for what to do with Ada during labor. Our nearest family is around 2 hours away. And with how fast Ada's labor was + needing the meds immediately, we won't have time to wait at home. So, that's foremost on my mind these days. I'd love your thoughts and experiences if you had a similar situation! Especially if something happens in the middle of the night. Did you ever have to take your child to the hospital with you?

I had officially stopped running at 23 weeks, but I actually did end up keeping with it 3-4 times a week since then. However, I definitely had my last run this pregnancy on Sunday at 25 weeks. It feels OK to continue (especially with my Blanqi tank), but I would rather walk and do other activities. After my runs, I have been particularly tired and achy, and I'd rather not feel that way. I am psyched to start running again in the summer.

We're planning to have Baby E sleep in our room for several months, just like we did with Ada. We have a Pack 'n Play, but I have started looking into Arms Reach Cosleepers. Do you guys think it's worth the extra if I have something similar? I put a call out on a local yard sale group to see if I can find a gently used one. I think nursing in the middle of the night would be much easier with the cosleeper versus the Pack 'n Play.

I'm having some body image issues. I hate that I'm even going there because I am so thankful just to be pregnant, but in my first pregnancy -- I felt pretty amazing. This time around, I started at a higher weight and lower fitness level. But now that the pounds have started to pack on and my fitness has waned, I feel self conscious. Obviously I'm not fretting over the weight or actually getting upset. I'm thrilled to be pregnant and think about this blessing all the time. It's just . . . different. I don't like dressing myself. Everything feels so small. I have around 15 weeks to go. Meh.

I had some name doubt last week and almost changed Baby E's name. But after chatting with Stephen, we're still set on our original plan. Even today when I said it out loud, it just felt right. I think I'm finally starting to envision life with a baby again, which is a big step for me mentally. Yeah. that's my biggest report for this week. I have a sense of excitement rising from within my core that I haven't felt until recently.

Other stuff:

  • Kicks have turned into rolls and those funky long movements. Like when you can feel a hand go from way up here to way down there. There's always a dance party going on in there.
  • Latest cravings revolve around cheese and pretzels, cranberry juice mixed with seltzer water, and avocados.
  • I really, really, really missed a good poached egg atop toast.
  • My glucose test is next week. I failed by a point with Ada and had to take the 3-hour. Let's hope that doesn't happen this time.
  • I get up no fewer than 5 times to pee each night. Have mercy!
  • I've started really thinking about what the baby will look like. We didn't get a good photo from our 18 week scan, but I can tell that her scull is shaped differently from Ada's. It's less round and her forehead seems bigger (maybe more like mine?). Ada thinks the baby will have red hair, but I don't think that's possible with our genetic makeup.
  • We're trying to find a few things for Ada to do that are special this summer. We're thinking swimming lessons, daddy + daughter library dates, and maybe a short summer morning day-camp.
  • There are times when I get quite emotional thinking about those final days when Ada will be my only child. I have a lot to write about it for another day.
Other updates:
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