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>> Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The weather has taken a major turn toward spring this week. Today's high should reach close to 60 degrees! Though I'm sad and frustrated we didn't get a single snowstorm this year, I'm ready for change and sun and warmth and, well, spring cleaning.

Because this year? I think we're ready for the big purge.

No, this isn't my junk. I took this photo several years ago outside a Salvation Army after we had donated some things post move. Honestly, this photo stresses me out to the max. Though I'm not the tidiest person ever, I very often get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff we have in our house, our garage . . . and with how much that stuff just continues to accumulate year after year despite our efforts to pare down.

Seriously -- how does this happen when we have good intentions? With a baby on the way, the stuff issue has been even more at the forefront of our minds. We want to get a handle on this before she arrives in June.

I don't want to utter the word minimalism, but -- yes -- OK I do. I just went there. I rolled my eyes a bit, too. It's so darned trendy . . . but I think we might be ready to adopt some of those principles. They simply make sense!

We're asking ourselves some questions inspired by this great post on Zen Habits.
  • Is all this stuff important? (Obviously the answer is no.)
  • What can we get rid out without regret?
  • How can we stop attaching regret to things anyway?
  • What are our family's core goals and how does paring down fit in? (Definitely ease of cleaning our home to make it more calm is a big one these days.)
  • Can we purge without replacements? (We've tried editing down several times in the past only to end up replacing the old with new, defeating the entire purpose)
  • How can we bring these ideas to other parts of our lives? (Simplifying our meals, social calendars, etc.)
With the home stuff, we're hoping to use Stephen's spring break to go room by room to start clearing out. We have some pieces of furniture that do little more than collect stuff and dust. Then I'll probably go through this Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home for the rest. Hopefully I can blog about it along the way.

Like I said, we've tried this whole idea many times. I think this time it might work better because Stephen is really on board this time around. It takes the commitment and energy from the whole family to get this sort of thing going, eh? Stay tuned for an update later in the month.

What are your spring cleaning goals? 

Have you successfully adopted a minimalist home or gotten close? 

What are your tips for making work -- especially if you have kids!

PS: Congrats to Andrea, winner of our PinkBlush giveaway. I'll be in touch soon about your $75 prize!

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