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>> Monday, March 28, 2016

Stephen's spring break was all last week. And, no. We didn't jet off to some tropical location for a vacation. Instead, we decided to dedicate most of this chunk of time to our wannabe minimalist + organization goals. After over 4 hours each day (about 36 hours total!) of dedicated cleaning, fixing, and tooling around in the house -- we're probably 90 percent of the way done.

Ninety percent! It feels SO GOOD.

I have decided to dedicate this week on the blog to spring cleaning. Today I am going to show you a few teaser photos from our progress. Another day, I'll be sharing some tips we found handy for dealing with the various types of clutter we encountered. Yet another day, I'll go over some of the methods we used to clear everything out. I'll try to get an updated house tour up to show the before and afters. And then there will probably be some reflection on how this all makes us feel (surprisingly, it's had a huge impact already).

Sound like a plan, friends?

The garage was our main area of focus. These photos aren't current -- it was actually WORSE than this. We had 23 bins of random stuff that we either hadn't gone through since our move or that were disorganized. And a lot of these items were things we were just holding onto for some reason. Oh, we also hadn't put a car in the garage in like a year. (Nothing like airing our dirty laundry nooks + crannies, eh?)

We were especially lazy with old paperwork and things that needed shredding.

Anyway, here's a few progress shots.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. I have so much to share! You don't need to dedicate an entire week of time all at once to cleaning your spaces. You can split it up. We decided on this intensive boot-camp approach because Stephen's track schedule is about to go wild with late night and all day meets -- before Baby E comes, we didn't see any other opportunity.

Have you made headway on organization goals recently? What's your method?

I'll be back tomorrow with some practical tips we learned along the way.

(PS: I'm 27 weeks! Anxiously awaiting my gestational diabetes screening results today...)

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