Cloth Diapering // Round 2

>> Thursday, April 14, 2016

As with many things related to having an infant nearly five years after the last one, I feel like I'm starting from square one again with cloth diapering. We had a pretty good thing going until several months after Ada's first birthday when her diapers started to smell like ammonia. I stripped them. Then I did a bunch of other stuff and they ended up burning her. Basically, I ruined our stash, but if you've been reading here for a while -- that's not new news.

This time around, I seriously debated whether or not we'd do cloth. Honestly, I was scared of ruining our investment again. I was scared of burning the baby again. And I haven't even given birth yet! But after reading and researching, I remembered why we decided to do cloth with Ada to begin with. These days, cloth diapering isn't anything revolutionary, so I won't rehash all the reasons we think it's the best choice for our family.

Instead, I thought I'd share our plan this time around. I also have a few questions for those of you who have been doing the diapering thing more recently than I have (seriously -- it feels like eons ago that I changed a diaper!).


We have a mix of diapers we're planning to use this time around. Some are old, some are new. I think cloth is cute, but I'm not exactly one of those moms who is completely obsessed with all the prints, different styles, etc. Instead, we've been patching together what we can find and what we can afford. And, of course, I did get a few pretty ones in the mix as a treat.

Here's the gist:

  • I have a few BumGenius that are still in good condition after the washing/stripping mishap with Ada. I also have a few microfiber inserts that made it out alive. 
  • My friend gave me some gently used Rumparooz that her son is no longer using.
  • There are five Itti Bitti Tuttos that I barely used with Ada because I always found them too small. I think they'll make great newborn diapers. 
  • And the bulk of our diapering will be the Best Bottoms snap system with hemp inserts. I believe I have 8 covers and 16 inserts right now.

Cloth + Newborn?

We didn't cloth diaper Ada until she was maybe 6 weeks old. Maybe I'm not remembering that correctly, but our BGs seemed far too large before that point. As a result, I had actually stocked up on some Honest Co. disposables when I saw them on sale at Zulily a year or more ago.

I ended up buying a mix of new and used newborn Oso Cosy pre-folds for the early days at Jillian's Drawers in Ithaca, NY. I plan to toss these into the Bitti Tuttos because they are so tiny and probably also in the Best Bottoms covers. I didn't want to buy newborn diapers -- maybe that's a mistake? Wish me luck.

Cloth diapering a newborn will be new territory for us. I guess we'll see how it goes and use our backups if we need 'em.


But here's my big question: HOW SHOULD I WASH?! I have this thing burning in my back of my mind for several reasons. I'm wondering if any of you have ideas or suggestions!

  • We did microfiber inserts with Ada. I sort of hated them. Most of what we have now are hemp and organic cotton because I heard hemp has fewer issues in this area. I'm assuming maybe the same washing method (mostly Tide Powder) won't work exactly the same on this natural fiber.
  • We've moved since Ada was in cloth. Our new home has much harder water, which I've heard makes things tricky.
  • We've been making our own laundry detergent for years now, and I'm wondering if there's anything I might be able to DIY that could work to save money and equal less toxins into the water supply?
One thing I'm excited about is having a summer baby. I can see those diapers drying in the warm breeze right now. Ahh . . .

Other Stuff

  • We don't have a diaper sprayer. I don't know if we'll install one again. I feel like we didn't use it terribly much.
  • We have a not-so new top loading washer that we're hoping is up to the challenge.
  • Versus keeping a garbage can lined with a diaper liner in the nursery, we're hoping to just do a big wet bag that we can carry up/down the stairs.
  • Oh, and we only bought inserts for the Best Bottoms in size medium. I came across a YouTube video where a woman shared that's all you need to diaper from tiny to toddler. Trying to save our pennies where we can. I will report back on whether or not this really works. Fingers crossed!

So, that's our current "plan" -- I need to consider prepping our diapers soon. That will require some research, too. Like I said, it's all starting again from square one. I don't consider myself very knowledgeable in this arena, but I also get really overwhelmed when I go into diaper groups and hear all the many styles, washing methods, and other tips people share. I want it to be really simple. I mean, shouldn't it be? A girl can dream!

If you have any tips or suggestions to keep our diapers clean + fresh the simple way, I'd love to hear them!

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