Pregnancy: Week 28

>> Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I wanted to wait until after my latest appointment to do a pregnancy update. We are now in week 28 -- the undisputed third trimester! Does anyone else hear trumpets?! I was really excited for this part of pregnancy for obvious reasons. I mean, there are likely fewer than 12 weeks before the end. My doctor appointments become more frequent. SPRING has sprung. Oh, wait. It "feels like" 5 degrees outside right now with snow on the ground. Ugh.

Belly shot:

Ada's big sister class was on Sunday. I was actually a bit disappointed if I'll being honest. Most of the kids were like 2, and Ada didn't really learn anything she didn't know already. I had envisioned they would have gone more in-depth into certain sibling topics, but I think with the young crowd, it just wasn't possible.

The good thing? We've been reading a lot about it. Here are my two favorite books for older kids expecting siblings:
Both books provide information in a way that kids can understand. They cover emotional stuff, plain info stuff (like terms for uterus, contractions, breasts, nursing, etc.), and Ada asks to have these read to her again and again. I like how they focus more on the way of parenting that we practice. Rooming in, breastfeeding, using a midwife, baby-wearing, etc. I highly recommend these books.

I think I've hit another growth stage. I had Braxton Hicks so frequently on Saturday that I had to stop everything I was doing and take a nap for an hour to get them to slow down. Thankfully I haven't had them nearly as much as I did with Ada, but holy moly. When they start, I get all freaked out. My midwife is really laid back about them this time around, which is both good and bad. She has given me some guidelines for when to worry versus when not to worry -- so I think I'll be OK. I just HATE them.

At my appointment, baby was measuring on track. I've gained 13 pounds at this stage, which is just a couple less than I had with Ada at 28 weeks. Heart sounds good. Everything is good. I think it's hard for me to BELIEVE it's all good because with Ada I had so many ultrasounds toward the end due to the contractions. I am a see to believe kind of person, so I left my appointment feeling OK, but also still so curious.

I try not to think so far ahead, but I truly believe this will be my last pregnancy. We had always tossed around the idea of having three kids. And if I'm being honest, in my heart I have always wanted three. But after three miscarriages and just generally feeling lots of anxiety during pregnancy -- again, it's not fun for me. My babies hang out really low in the uterus, too, so the back pain is creeping back up. I know pregnancy isn't easy for anyone necessarily, but I find myself regularly saying "I feel immensely blessed to be carrying this child, but I don't think I can make it through this again." Only time will tell.

I passed my glucose screen! I failed with Ada and had to take the 3-hour test. But I passed and actually aced the test with a 95 (I was 137 with Ada). My midwife told me it was best to take it as close to 28 weeks as possible to get the most accurate read. I wrote about it on Instagram, but pretty much all the medical test calls we've received for anyone in our family in the last 2+ years have shown abnormalities or worrisome things. I jumped for joy when I got this result. My iron and D3 levels are also great at this point. I always marvel at the iron being so good because as a vegetarian I don't particularly go nuts trying to make sure I get good amounts in my diet.

Stephen's track schedule is rough. We didn't know he'd be able to get a coaching position this year, but when it came open -- he pounced on it. The issue? It runs exactly through until week 38, which is when I had Ada (cue the freak out!). He's gone from around 7AM until 6PM (7PM or later if there are meets) and then on many Saturdays he'll be gone from around 8AM until 6PM for meets. I know many women have it worse, but with working from home and having no family in the area . . . this new schedule has been an adjustment for all of us. By the time he returns in the evenings, I need to lay down even though he's also tired. Family dinners have been few and far between. We're both just really drained trying to figure out the new normal. But I know it will be worth it in the long run. Whine over. We'll power through!

Emotionally, I'm pretty up and down. Little things make me cry. I feel very clingy and needy. I don't remember feeling this way as much with Ada, but I do remember it being a roller coaster at points. I think the hardest part about having another child and being pregnant is feeling like I'm just not giving enough to her. There are times when I simply cannot play or when I don't have the stamina to do my normal stuff. I also think the weather is affecting my adversely. I feel so much better when I can go outdoors and enjoy the sun. C'mon, spring!

OK. So after all that negative stuff (sorry! I really am not feeling as bad as this sounds), I will say that I am so incredibly psyched for it to be June. I need to figure out what type of "leave" I'll be taking from work. How long and how it will affect our summer income (any freelancers have suggestions?). But this long-held dream of ours is fast becoming reality. I don't know if it will sink in until I'm holding Baby E in my arms . . . but I already know I'll be bawling tears of JOY because I remember every bit of how hard it was to get here. With Ada, I was excited. With Baby E, I have this whole new regard and awe for life and the creation of life. It's powerful stuff.

Other things:
  • Days till due date: 82
  • Baby is size of: An eggplant! 2-1/2 pounds or so
  • Cravings: Black seedless grapes, peach Greek yogurt, chocolate cupcakes
  • Workouts: Walks and Barre3 online -- a mix totaling 1-hour most days of week
  • What I'm Watching: All of season 2 of Fixer Upper last week. I want to move to Waco, y'all.
  • Belly: It's big, but not as HUGE as it felt a few weeks ago in relation to my gestation
  • Post-pregnancy goal: A 5K in late August. Slow and steady, but I'd love to be jogging again.
  • Reading this week: Breastfeeding books. I've forgotten so much!
Other updates:
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