Pregnancy: Week 30

>> Thursday, April 21, 2016

I feel like it's been forever since my last pregnancy update. While not a lot has changed, I have crossed over into week 30 territory, which feels HUGE. I'll be 31 weeks on Sunday, and now that my appointments are every two weeks -- time is flying, which is a point I've wanted to reach for a while. I feel mentally ready and just happy to be reaching closer to the end.

Belly shot:

I am up 16 pounds as of my midwife appointment this morning. This is almost exactly my weight gain at this point in pregnancy with Ada. So weird how that's worked out because my activity level has been like 100% different. Also weird is that I weigh now what I did when I delivered her.

Speaking of weight, etc., I don't have any major fitness goals for the postpartum period. With Ada, I wanted to be running again ASAP. This time around, I really think I want my body to heal more gradually. I had a lot of pelvic pain the whole year after having Ada -- and I think if I had waited a while longer to run, I may have been in better shape. So, right now I am planning to eat well, walk, and ease back in with Barre and yoga. Maybe run a 5K by September.

Baby is measuring right on. I only know this from belly measurements. I haven't had an ultrasound since week 18! To me, this is absolutely crazy because I had had so many with Ada. But in a way, it's nice having some unknown. Everything else is looking good, too. Blood pressure, not UTIs, etc.

I am still exercising an hour a day, 5-6 days out of the week. Mostly walking. It feels good. The weather change has helped my mood immensely. Instead of looking at walks as fitness, they have become a real mental health thing. I look forward to the quiet and relaxation.

Stephen's hours have been hard on us, but I am getting more used to the routine. There is a period in the afternoon where Ada and I lay in my bed and watch videos on YouTube for like an hour -- totally necessary break in the day. I am continuing to work at about 25 hours each week and hope to continue this pace until delivery.

Some of you were asking about my "maternity leave" and as a freelancer, I don't technically get one. So, I am planning to take between 6-8 weeks off totally from writing and then ease back in after that. I will be making all my arrangements soon, but I am thankful that my checks lag a bit because we won't have a period where absolutely NO money is coming in over the summer. Phew.

I have decided to start packing my hospital bag and one for Ada as well. My big goal for the next few weeks is to really figure out exactly what we're going to do when I go into labor, whenever that will be. I will feel much better with a plan in place. The last time, I didn't have a bag packed and didn't need really anything I would have stashed in there. I am going to do a post on this soon.

Other stuff:

  • Cravings: Soy hot dogs with mustard, BBQ kettle chips, ice cream, s'mores. You know, all the health foods.
  • Movements: Crazy. I do the kick counting and get 10 kicks before 2 minutes most times.
  • Aches + pains: Weird cervix stuff my midwife says is just normal stretching. Back pain comes and goes, but my SI-joint has been awesome since I stopped running (for the most part).
  • Days till due date: 66
  • Feelings: I think we have decided after this pregnancy to be done at 2. This is something I'll write more about another time, but pregnancy has been so difficult emotionally this time around -- I don't know if I could do it again. 
  • Baby's size: Large cabbage (almost 3 pounds)
  • Most looking forward to: Time off from working (both of us) and the summer weather. As much as it's going to be awful to lose sleep, in a way -- it will be a bit "easier" than the hectic schedule we're doing now!

Other updates:
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