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>> Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I'm going to start moving some posts from our old family blog over to (never)homemaker. We had a lot of goodies in there -- so I don't want them to fade away. If you want to know more about why we closed that blog, click here.

I keep seeing those clever + colorful craft boxes popping up on blogs and sidebar ads. I mean, they're cute and all, but I just can't see allocating that type of money for an activity -- art -- that can be so simple an inexpensive. And at Ada's age, I also don't care to follow directions. It's all about exploration and expression. Imagination.

Still, I see value in thinking ahead of time to plan an activity versus letting it become a chaotic mess. (Well -- let's be honest -- crafting with young preschoolers is a recipe for a mess!) So, I decided to try out a few of my own DIY craft boxes.


First: I don't think these produce containers are perfect for this purpose. Any leftover small boxes or zip bags might hold more stuff and contain it better. In the future, I'll go for function over form in this regard. These collections of goodies aren't the whole story either. The idea is that I'll pull out a box along with our collection of assorted paper so Ada can make whatever her little heart desires.

Let's dive in and see what we're got.


Ada knows her basic colors by now, but I think it's fun to focus on one color and its various shades. I just put in everything I could find that was blue in our supplies. I'll probably give her a glue bottle for the sparkles and help out with teaching her how to cut shapes out of paper with the plastic scissors (they work surprisingly well!).


Markers, stickers, and even balloons! This box is bursting with all the colors of the rainbow, as well as a couple simple "stencils" (Play-Dough cutouts) to try out tracing. I can see pulling out a huge piece of paper and drawing big shapes to color in and stick with the stickers. Oh, and those stickers you can color yourself are really fun!


This collection is all about touch and feel. Popsicle sticks are fun for a variety of activities. The wooden beads will be fun to glue. And what kid doesn't love Googly eyes? I picture us cutting out shapes from thick card stock, glueing to the sticks and making tiny masks or something like that.


My friend Leslie introduced me to these gigantic dot markers, and Ada's hooked. We practice writing numbers (in dot form) and drawing pictures. Or just having fun. Some crayons for coloring and plastic scissors. The glue stick is one of Ada's favorites. Cutting bits of paper and pasting to a larger base is always fun. Don't forget the Mr. Sketch smelly markers!


Pretty basic, right? Just a collection of Crayola Washable Paint and a big brush. What you paint is up to you. We've been trekking to our backyard creek to collect flat rocks for painting lately -- Ada can't get enough!


As you can see, there's nothing particularly smart or creative or mind-blowing about the groupings of these craft supplies. But by dividing them out into little containers, your kid will get 10,000 times more excited to create something. You also give them the power of choice.

And don't worry, most young kids don't care if they actually MAKE something that resembles anything in real life. The fun is in the process, not the product!

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