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>> Thursday, May 5, 2016

I've written a lot about paring down and getting rid of stuff lately. But I have received a good number of questions related to what we have bought or what we think we'll need with baby number two versus what we did with number one. At this point, aside from a high chair (which we plan to get at IKEA a while from now -- maybe around Christmas) and a few odds and ends, we have what we feel we "need" this time around.

In fact, friends and family have asked what they can give us and our honest answer is grocery gift cards. Yup. At this point, we'd rather eat than have more gadgets, clothes, and gizmos. We actually have far less than we did when Ada was a baby, so -- in a way -- that is liberating. I think we may even have too much, but it's things we accumulated through all the time trying and the miscarriages. I guess my love language with having babies (up until this point) has been pretty much self-gifting presents-related.

Nursey stuff

  • The old crib was (literally) all chewed up and loose, so we purchased the Ashton 5-in-1 Convertible as a replacement we hope will last well into the preschool years.
  • We never had a changing table the first time around, but I sort of wanted one since we needed dresser space anyway. We purchased the Badger Changing Table in natural with gift cards we received for Christmas. 
  • The rug is by nuLOOM. I bought it on Overstock well over a year ago when it was a.) in stock (here's the listing) and b.) much less expensive.
  • We're using an IKEA storage cart to hold a bunch of board books.
  • My parents gifted me a glider/rocking chair that they had purchased second-hand via Craigslist when Ada was a baby (to keep at their house). It's SO comfortable!
  • The closet the baby's room is the smallest of all the bedrooms. We found this Rubbermaid Hanging Shelving Unit at Ollie's last weekend (same price as on Amazon) and think it'll work well for organizing extra stuff versus hangers.

Swaddle blankets, bibs, bath, etc.

We have a good assortment of Aden + Anais swaddle blankets because I love them and we used them A LOT. In fact, all our old ones had holes and stains. This time around, we splurged and got some bamboo. I think having a summer baby, we'll use these as sun covers for stroller walks and, well, for a lot of light weather covering versus all the fleece we used with a November baby.

Other items:

Activity Stuff

Sleep Situation

We will be sleeping in the same room with the baby, likely for at least the first six months. Maybe longer, I'm not sure and probably won't know until we reach the point of readiness. We had our old Pack 'n Play, but one of my biggest regrets with Ada was not getting a co-sleeper.

  • We were able to find a very gently used Arm's Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper. I was actually able to get it for around $60 because it was at Once Upon a Child for $90 and I sold $30 worth of stuff. I think I can re-sell it and get up to $45, so -- not too shabby. Had I bought new, I probably would have gone with the slightly less expensive Mini Arc
  • We also have a few small size swaddle blankets in lightweight fabrics for the early months. Once we're done with swaddling, we'll likely just use our Woolino Merino Sleep Sack (same one we used before) until age 2. It's held up amazingly well and it is for all four seasons!
  • We are also planning to use our old Travel Sleep Sheep for white noise while the baby is sleeping in our room.

Babywearing, strollers, etc.

One area where I did indulge a bit this time around was with babywearing stuff. My Moby Wrap has seen better days, and I wondered if it might be too hot for baby in the summer. And my Beco Butterfly . . . there was nothing wrong with it. I just wanted to try some new things. I sold the Beco for $40 and put that money toward these two.

  • The Original Ergo in Aussie Khaki. I like all the pockets for storage. I was even able to find a strap on fanny pack-type thing at a used baby stuff store. I know there are like a gazillion options for these types of carriers, but the $114 price was right, and I like the cross-body carry position, which my Beco didn't do.
  • And my most favorite -- I bought a Maya Wrap Padded Ring Sling in olive with Christmas money from my grandparents. I am really looking forward to learning how to nurse in the sling, and I think the fabric weight is perfect for summer.
  • We also sold our old BOB and put the money toward getting a new BOB Revolution SE stroller. Ours was still functional, but with how fast Stephen runs, we really wanted to invest in this area, especially considering how loved our old one was.
  • Oh, and our infant car seat had expired. We picked up a Graco Click Connect 30. The only problem we've found is that we cannot find the appropriate BOB infant attachment for walking this summer. I contacted the company, and they assured me they're releasing something this month. But still not sure I want to spend like $60 on a piece of metal to connect a car seat for only a few months when I could walk baby in a carrier.

Diapering, clothing, etc.

We are so super set on clothing for this baby. The problem with the early sizes, though, is that everything we had for a November newborn was fleece and warm, warm, warm. This baby is like the polar opposite season, so we definitely had to invest in some short-sleeved onesies and light-weight clothing. I have bought the vast majority of any clothing for the baby at second-hand shops.

  • As I wrote in my cloth diapering post, we are doing a mix of old diapers with a large batch of newly purchased Best Bottoms with hemp inserts. 
  • We are still deciding if we'll do cloth wipes. I had a love/hate relationship with them. And somehow I cannot find any of ours. We had the Bumkins brand and they did work well.
  • We also won't be buying a new diaper bag. Around Ada's surgery time, we had bought a Skip Hop Duo in cherry blossom (not sure if they make that print anymore), and it's basically new. I can't believe how expensive some diaper bags are! A lot of the women in my birth board are all into the Jujube. Is it really worth $130-$150+?


  • I need to look into insurance covering a pump, but I think I may just get a new Medela Harmony since I didn't pump very much the first time around. This basic, manual pump really did a good job for my occasional needs.  
  • We didn't use many bottles before either. I have no idea if we will this time around or how breastfeeding with go (hopefully well). I did get a Lifefactory bottle to try out if we do dates or need it. Otherwise, I'd probably just get a few Medela bottles that fit the pump.
  • And I keep forgetting that I'm going to need bags! I use Lansinoh bags.
  • I still have my Organic Boppy Pillow. The cover is torn, so I plan to sew it. 
  • I'd love to get a nursing stool to go with the gliding chair my parents gave me. Wondering, though, is it worth it or should I just prop my feet on a box or something?

Keeping it (somewhat) frugal

Biggest tips if you're on baby #2 (or more) + on a budget (and aren't having a baby shower):

  • Use as much as isn't expired or totally worn out from your first child.
  • Buy as much second hand as possible, including gear! 
  • And sell stuff to get money for new stuff, if desired.
  • Think about what you really used the first time around, get rid of the rest (for example, Ada barely used her swing, umbrella stroller, etc.) and put the proceeds toward things you need.
  • Get a few special things for the new baby. But don't buy too much ahead of time. I really could have followed my own advice better here, but in all our waiting for this to happen . . . we just ended up accumulating what we needed. At this point, though, if we don't have it -- I doubt we'll need it.
  • Use gift cards or holidays as excuses to get things for the baby versus gifts for yourself. I don't need more stuff specifically for myself, so getting a ring sling, for example, was the perfect Christmas gift.

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