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>> Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Stephen and I went out for what we think might be our last date for a while on Friday night. We hit up a restaurant that has tons of beer on tap and some pretty cool BBQ foods (with tons of vegetarian options). I even got an alcohol-removed malt "beer" beverage because, well, I miss the ritual of it all.

We snapped this photo which has all my friends and family thinking the baby is so low that I will go a.n.y day now. I assure you, though, it's got to be an illusion. Though I carry low to begin with, it's not exactly as intense as this photo makes it seem! (I decided to preregister with the hospital for delivery just in case.)

The next day, when we asked Ada what she'd like to do for a family date, she immediately screamed "Chuck E. Cheese!!!" You're just as surprised as we were! I guess she heard about it from friends and we pass it on the road quite often. So, we sent tons of dollar bills down the token machine and played games. In the end, I think we spent like $30 and she "won" a cheap slinky I could have bought at the dollar store. (Oh, and she broke it already. LOL.)

But she had fun! And I am really good at this game:

The next day, I got pretty crafty. More nesting, I suppose.

I had been seeing all these photos of hospital door hangers, and it gave me the idea to do door hangers in the upstairs hallway for my girls (!!!). We piled in the van and headed to the craft store. Ada helped me pick out the flowers, prints, and ribbons. Then during nap time, I gave myself a ton of burns with the glue gun.

I love how they turned out.

Oh, and today I am also announcing the winner of the Hello Fresh giveaway. I decided to choose TWO winners -- CONGRATS!

Sarah N. says "I would love to try a meal service like this but they are so expensive I haven't been able to justify it. I can see it being useful during an especially busy or stressful time though. The meals look delicious and just a few meals from a service like this might be enough to get my cooking creativity going again and break me out of a dinner rut."

Angie L. says "I have never tried a food service like this, but I'd love to! I'm also pregnant and losing motivation to make and create meals. This would be so helpful!"

I am planning to do a review of last week's box sometime soon -- hopefully tomorrow or Friday. I liked it even better than the first. Some of you were also asking about the size box we get. We do the one for two people versus four and then we do supplement (very little) to make it feed the whole family.

Happy Wednesday!

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