Body After Baby // Week 6

>> Wednesday, July 27, 2016

You guys! I am on the highest of highs right now. I just finished my first fast workout in what seems like forever. I had given up on hard running when I was experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss. So, I'd say that was a year and a half ago? I thought somehow running with much effort had something to do with all that. I mean, I was always looking for something to blame (and my doctor assures me the running had nothing to do with it).


Fast forward to now -- 6 weeks postpartum -- and I woke up feeling great. But I didn't feel like doing my usual 3-mile slog through the neighborhood. It's hot, sunny, and I'm kind of bored with it and need to get back to my old routes. Today's solution: You might remember that we bought a treadmill this year. I looked up some interval workouts and found this one on PopSugar.

I feel like it's the perfect mix of gentle and challenging to get back into the swing of things. (Somehow I didn't follow it exactly and did a lot more of the 7-8 MPH -- oops!)


Going dairy free has had an interesting side effect. I'm only a couple days in, but the food choices I've been making overall have been much healthier. I've been consuming a lot more protein and less carbs. I've been choosing more fruits and veggies and shunning more desserts.

I will probably break from the dairy free just briefly this weekend when we visit my parents in Wellsboro. It's my birthday, and I would like to indulge in some cake and home treats I only get on occasion. (There this food truck that has THE BEST grilled cheese!)

I do wonder, though, for those of you nursing mamas who went without dairy: Did you notice a change in your supply? I feel like I've had slightly less milk the last few days. But I realize it might also have to do with reaching 6 weeks, which is when things regulate a bit, right? I'm trying to add more fats to my diet regardless. An avocado a day . . . :)


My body hasn't changed much in the last several weeks, but I don't really mind it much. It took a long time to get pregnant, a long time to cook baby, and it'll take a long time to reach "normal" again. And I know from having Ada that "normal" will be different anyway. I actually felt like I got fitter in some ways after I had her despite not having my body look like it did when I was younger.

Exercising and eating well is making me feel so great. We've been sleeping better, too. Eloise had been doing some 5-6 hour sleeping stretches while on vacation. Since we've returned it's been more like 4 -- but it's all good.

So, that's week 6 in my postpartum fitness and body journey. I'll be back tomorrow with reflections from vacation (as well as some essentials for taking a newborn to the beach).

Happy Wednesday!

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