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>> Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Having more than one kid is no joke! When one finishes nursing and falling asleep (finally not on my chest -- success), the other needs some overdue cuddle and coloring time. (Or maybe I'm the one who needs that time with the other kid. But that's another post entirely.) Then there are some dishes and loads of laundry, meals and other obligations. And the 2-3 hour cycle starts all over again.

We're making time for fun, too. The summer is speeding by, and we're trying to soak in as much as possible before school and work routines start again. I mean, it's July already. Eloise is three weeks old tomorrow. Pinch me!

I'm trying to figure out in what direction I want the blog to go. At the present moment, I haven't been cooking much besides our Hello Fresh meals each week or assembling sandwiches. I'm hoping to get back to it more because cooking is a huge stress reliever for me. Specifically, I want to create a bunch of grab-and-go kinds of recipes. Truth: I've been struggling to not eat a bunch of crap when I'm nursing. I also want to eat #allthefood -- I just need it not to be chips and cookies. Thanks, 4th of July.

Ada is signed up for several camps this summer. The first is a vacation bible school where there's a cave theme. They do all sorts of activities, including this awesome inflatable water slide. We hear about the slide daily because the preschool (at the same church) had pulled it out for a wet and wild last day of school event. The other two are through the school system. Kindergarten readiness stuff, arts + crafts, field trips (on a BUS!), and etc. I can't believe my kid is at the age where she can go to camps.

Otherwise, summer means Stephen is home from school full days until cross country practice starts. He also has a coaching night class he needs to take for about a month. We didn't know about it until, well, last week. Please send good vibes because it's during the witching hours! I joke, I joke. But as I've written before, we didn't plan the timing of this pregnancy. Still, it's worked out nicely to have everyone home, even if no paychecks are coming in.

Did I mention that our AC died? A couple days after Eloise was born. I may have mentioned it already because I thought it was funny (in a sick way) since our furnace died shortly after Ada was born. I guess babies and HVAC stuff doesn't mix in our household. We reluctantly bought a new unit using a finance plan (I need to get back into writing more about budget stuff -- yay or nay?) -- but I think it was the best decision. The temps will be in the mid 90s here all week. Once you have central air, you just can't go back apparently. (I didn't grow up with such luxuries! Ceiling fans #FTW)

And last on this catching up post is our 4th of July weekend. I'm amazed at how much we've been able to do out and about with Eloise. With Ada, I sat on the couch for what felt like months in the cold and darkness of winter. My in-laws were here for the weekend, so we did a lot of cooking out and just hanging around the house. But Sunday we went to a philharmonic pops concert in the park. Yesterday we went to a 4th of July festival during the day and then stayed up for fireworks at night. Rather, Ada fell asleep DURING the fireworks -- not something I would have ever imagined happening with the world's lightest sleeper!

I'm going to try to get on a rough blogging schedule again. Hopefully posting 2-3 times per week. Probably some kind of family update, something about food, and then something about fitness (or budget or another wildcard). Yes. I'm getting back into it. I don't want to jinx anything, but my recovery from birth has been incredible. I'm out running easy (code for S.L.O.W.) 2-3 mile jogs. It's not something I planned to do -- my midwife said to return to exercise as it felt OK and when the bleeding had stopped. More on that and body after baby later this week.

Belated happy 4th, happy July, and happy SUMMER.

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