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>> Monday, August 8, 2016

Another highly requested post? Babywearing!

This is my second time around, obviously, so I've learned some of my likes, dislikes, and best practices for getting around with baby on my body. I started wearing Eloise just a few days after we came home from the hospital with my Moby wrap. Now that she's nearly eight weeks old (!), we've gotten into a great routine.

Here's what carriers I use and what I like/dislike about each.

Moby Wrap

By far, my favorite way to wear a newborn is with the Moby Wrap. I know people complain that it's hard to figure out how to tie it -- but that's just not been an issue for me. Not only do I feel like baby is snug and protected, but my back feels the best wearing a Moby wrap.

When Ada was an infant, the Moby was a big deal. I see that it's sort of faded away to other, similar carriers like the Boba and even the Baby K'tan (which slips on like a t-shirt with no need to tie!). There are even mesh wraps for really hot weather and easy packing.


  • Great back support
  • Variety of ways to tie
  • Wonderful for even tiny newborns
  • Inexpensive
  • Nursing is pretty simple


  • Difficult when on the go
  • No pockets/storage
  • Can be quite warm in summer 
  • May not be as comfortable with large babies/toddlers

Maya Sling

I bought a sling this time around because all my friends rave about ring slings. I was on the fence because I didn't think it would be comfortable, but then I found the Maya sling with padding. I will admit that this carrier has taken some getting used to. Now that I have the hang of it? It's my go-to carrier when we're out and about.

Even better: If Eloise falls asleep on me after nursing or something, I can just slip this carrier over my shoulder and go on with my daily tasks with ease.

There are so many different kinds of slings you can buy! I love all the patterns with Mamaway slings and Tula slings. I've also heard good things about Sakura Bloom slings. And -- just like withe wraps -- there are mesh slings for really hot weather and even better portability.


  • Easy to take on and off
  • Super easy to nurse
  • Breathable, so comfortable in summer
  • Maya has storage pocket and padding on shoulder
  • Rolls up to fit easily in diaper bag 
  • Variety of wearing positions once baby is older


  • Can be uncomfortable if you don't get it on correctly
  • Sizing can be tricky. I got a medium, but it's slightly too big
  • Tail can get in the way if not tied up correctly
  • Can be expensive, depending on brand
  • May not be as comfortable with big babies/toddlers

Ergo Carrier 

When Eloise gets slightly bigger, I'm sure my new favorite will be our ergonomic carrier. When Ada was a baby, I had a Beco Butterfly II (now old news). I used it so much that the padding got worn, so I decided to pick up an Ergo carrier when I saw a good deal on Amazon.

I actually just have an Ergo Original . . . but I see now that Ergo makes several new carriers, including the Adapt and the 360 with more carrying options. By the way, I have held E in this carrier and I skipped the infant insert because it's so hot (for winter, I probably would have bought one). What I do instead is roll up a few hand towels underneath her bum. Works like a charm!

Of course, I know that even Ergo is not necessarily the favorite in the ergonomic carrier world right now. My friends are crazy about Tulas, which come in both infant and toddler sizes. All the prints are super enticing, but I can't justify getting yet another carrier. If I could dream, I would get this Forest House or Shenandoah. One of my best friends says the LILLEbaby carrier is the best, and it has 6 carrying options with fun accessories. (And -- yup -- there are also mesh ergonomic carriers!)


  • Very comfortable with all that padding
  • Pretty easy to get on and off
  • Lots of storage pockets, depending on brand
  • Lots of different prints and fabrics
  • Fits babies and toddlers of all sizes very comfortably


  • Can be quite expensive, depending on brand
  • May need to wait till baby is slightly older
  • Options can be overwhelming when buying

Ada asked to go in the baby carrier the other day. She still meets the weight rating -- but, sadly, I think her days of babywearing are over! Oh, who am I kidding? She's been more content to run around since she was two. 

Which carrier(s) should you buy?

Well, you certainly don't need many. I just have several because I've accumulated them throughout two pregnancies. I would recommend having something like a wrap for the early days + for wearing at home. And I love the ergonomic carriers for going out and stuff like that.

My best piece of advice is to try before you buy. Ask a friend if you can check out their carriers or even borrow one before you buy. You can even find gently used carriers on Ebay, local mom Facebook groups, or second hand stores. I was really close to buying a used Maya wrap, but the size wasn't the right one for me. Usually carriers hold their value quite well if you want to resell in the future, too.

BTW: What baby carriers do YOU use and love?

Tomorrow I'll be back with super simple instructions for how to make your own wrap carrier. There's no sewing required, and I was able to make two of these carriers for just $30.

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