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>> Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It's been a while since I've written about Hello Fresh, so I wanted to do a quick update. We took a break from the service when Eloise was first born because I didn't feel like doing much more than assembling sandwiches. As time went on, though, Stephen and I both felt like cooking again. We're now on our second box since bringing home baby -- and it's lot of fun!

My favorite meal so far is this week's Charred Scallion + Corn Flatbread. Each portion was actually two huge pieces like this one. The pizza dough it came with was so bubbly and amazing. I wish I could get the recipe for it. You put the tomatoes and chives (mixed with lime juice) on after baking.


Here's how we made this meal work for Ada (who HATES anything resembling pizza):

Basically, we put the veggies and salsa on the side with a serving of pasta (well, two servings -- we saved some for today's lunch). That's sort of our go-to substitution for her. That or some other side like rice. It helps make the box for two stretch to serving two adults and one child. However, there are also many meals she'll eat as they are.

Here are some other meals I've really enjoyed:


I've received some questions about the service, so I thought I'd briefly answer the most frequently asked.

Is the food cold when it gets to your house? 

Surprisingly? Yes. For some reason, our UPS doesn't deliver until nearly 6PM, and even in the summer our food has stayed cold and fresh. They pack a lot of ice in the box, which seems to do the trick.

How long does the food stay fresh? Has anything been bad when you got the box?

The food seems to stay fresh for a week, so that's the time frame in which you should be cooking the recipes. I will say that some of the ingredients have gone south sooner (summer squash, for example), so we try to cook first whatever looks like it needs to be used. It's just a matter of peeking inside the box and planning accordingly. That being said, it's really not been much of an issue.

As far as ingredients being bad when we're received them -- it happened just once. The cilantro with one of the recipe was just mushy, gritty, and unappealing. But nothing else since then. Thankfully we had some extra herbs in the garden that week.

How long do the recipes take?

They all seem to be just 30 minutes with maybe 10-20 minutes of that being prep time. That's one thing I find so appealing -- it's FAST. I don't have any more time than that these days to cook. And, as a result, I'm able to learn some good recipes (I keep the cards) to make in the future to increase my library of fast meals.

Are the recipes repetitive?

They can be. Or, rather, ingredients can seem to be. I remember there were two weeks before Eloise was born where it seemed like feta was in each and every dish. I got a little tired of the cheese after a while. They also seemed kind of heavy on the tostadas, quesadillas, taco notes for a while. I didn't mind that terribly much, though, because each recipe did taste different with different ingredients.

The good news: You can see what recipes are coming up ahead of time and choose to pause delivery if something just looks boring to you. I am doing that for the next week because I see that they're serving a Mexican quinoa bowl, and I know how to make that myself.

Anything you don't like about Hello Fresh?

I wish they had more choices for vegetarians. You get what you get versus with the original box where you can choose which recipes you want for the week. Even if they had just one extra meal on the table so you could choose three of the four choices -- that would be great. There are some weeks I just say NO to the meals because I'm not enthused about one of them.

$40 Off Code + FREE Box

So, that's my update. I hope it helps. Like I've said in the past, I don't normally do box service things like these -- but I really think they serve a great purpose if you hit a rough or busy patch in life. We will probably do some more weeks of it during the school year when Stephen's coaching schedule is particularly heavy.

If you'd like to try it for yourself, you can get $40 off your first delivery.

Visit Hello Fresh and use code YCEAHR at the checkout.

I also have a FREE box of food to give away to one lucky winner.

  • Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite summer meal is.
  • I'll need your email address or some other way to contact you. 
  • I'll announce the winner next Wednesday, August 10th.

Happy Wednesday!

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