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>> Friday, September 2, 2016

Somehow -- I don't know how -- but we got both girls napping at the same time. (I know I said we ended naps for Ada, but if we're around, sometimes she'll take a snooze.) Anyway, I wanted to hop on and just share a few fun things I've discovered lately. I miss these kinds of posts and hope to bring them back regularly!

// 1: I need to do more strength training. Enter Kettletoning! This workout is a blend of yoga and toning exercises using kettlebells! I have a 10 pound kettlebell and a 30 pound kettlebell. I'd like to get a 15 or 20 pound kettlebell for this kind of work.

I did this video yesterday in my garage. Feel the burn!

// 2: Holy leggings. I plan to do a dedicated mommy style post soon, but I'm really into leggings. Which means I am really into LuLaRoe. Which means I need to watch my wallet. I actually came across these paisley beauties on Amazon of all places . . . and they're only $12. PLUS, they feel like exactly the same material AND ship PRIME.

They are "one size" and if you're familiar with OS from LuLaRoe, I'd say I'd fit between a OS (0-10) and TC (12-22) in that brand. These leggings in one size are actually perfect for me because I feel like they'd be best for sizes 4-12. I fall around a size 6-8 these days and am just about 5'7".

My top five print picks:

// 3: I want to start using the slow cooker more, and I think I'll try out some Ethiopian recipes. (Some of our favorite farmers market food is Ethiopian, and I'd love to figure it out!) To start, I think we'll make this 1-Day Flatbread or Injera. You just need teff flour, baking powder, salt, water, and time.

// 4: Stranger Things. If you haven't caught this show yet on Netflix -- do it. Now. This weekend is the perfect time to binge watch. It's Stephen King-inspired, has tons of awesome synth music, and you'll think the star -- Eleven -- is the most adorable (and powerful) girl ever!

// 5: Our new favorite app is called My Singing Monsters. And I mean OUR because I think Stephen and I like playing it as much as Ada does. You'll get all the songs and beats stuck in your head and it's FREE as the wind. Check it out.

// 6: Otherwise, I've been listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers basically all the time lately.

// 7: Have any of you tried this Magic Sleepsuit? Eloise is nearing the next stage of sleeping (sans swaddle), but I think she needs something to help dull her startle reflex. We kept Ada swaddled for a long time, but Eloise isn't a fan of it and fights and fights and fights. I know eventually we have to just wean her off it, but figured that might be a good solution in the meantime?

Alright, everyone. Apparently nap time is over. It was a nice 30 minutes while it lasted.


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