Our First Family Photos

>> Wednesday, November 30, 2016

As I mentioned on Monday, we got our family photos taken by a photographer for the very first time on Thanksgiving. It's a funny story, but I've known Elizabeth of Elizabeth Compton Photography since she was like eight years old. I used to be a crossing guard (more of a babysitter) for elementary school kids who went to a different school on a bus that departed from the high school. Lizzy was one of these sweet kids. We reconnected years ago, and I've been so proud to watch her photography business develop over the years.

Anyway, here are just a few of the gorgeous shots she took of us in my favorite town on the planet. I think Wellsboro is the perfect backdrop for Christmas. Don't you agree?

That last one was taken on the spot where Stephen and I were married back in 2007. Surreal to stand there with our two beautiful daughters (who were on the verge of simultaneous meltdowns!). They both did a great job, though. And I cannot wait to get these photos printed and up in the house.

Tomorrow is December 1! I'd better get those remaining gift lists up soon.

Happy Wednesday, friends.

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