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>> Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I posted a photo of myself on Instagram yesterday after I had completed a tough 28-minute workout. You see, I started the BBG program by Kayla Itsines way back in early October. I should be on week 10, but I got through week two, and that's when Eloise's sleep started falling apart. Between that, many kid sicknesses, and my own bronchitis (that's been lingering almost three weeks), I've not been doing much running. Or working out, in general.

(I still need to do a post on our basement gym!)

I feel tired, weak, and my clothes are tighter than I'd like. And I even mean my LuLaRoe leggings. Seriously. Now that my coughing is getting (slightly) better, I'm trying to get back into the groove -- slowly, but surely. I started with week 1, workout 1 of BBG yesterday. It kicked my butt! I ended the day with a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. It was a win for me, fitness-wise.

Today I am hoping to run 3-4 miles. We'll see. The cold air hasn't been agreeing with me. If not, we dusted off the old spinning bike, so I could see myself doing some static cycling while watching an episode of Fixer Upper. Tomorrow, I'll do BBG workout number 2. Many of you asked for my opinions on the program, but I'd like to wait until I've been doing it longer.

In short: I think it's really effective. I love the format, the length, and the overall goal of strength, etc.

Switching gears: We have booked our summer vacation as of this morning!

We'll be staying at this little house in Cape May right near the downtown. It's the same place we stayed in way back in 2015. Instead of being smack in the middle of my two-week wait this time around (ending with two stark negative pregnancy tests taken at the house -- boo), we'll have sweet Eloise with us. She'll be 13 months by then. That's wild to even think about.

We will also be spending time with Stephen's family the following week in nearby Wildwood Crest. It's like the best of both worlds, especially for the girls. Ada absolutely loves the beaches. I merely mentioned Cape May this morning, and she was listing off a long list of things she wants to do. Top of the list? Riding her scooter on the sidewalks straight to the ocean.

Last for today: We are certainly decking the halls! I will be sure to share how we're getting festive over here soon. If you're still in the beginning stages of decorating and cozy-ing up, be sure to check out my post from last year on the matter. You can also see an awful photo of me wearing hair extensions and too much eyebrow pencil. Yikes.

Happy Tuesday, friends! I'll be back this week with my final gift-giving list (for the ladies), a Christmas bucket-list, and maybe even a new crock pot recipe. I also recently went to Aldi and -- whoa -- they have SO MUCH new stuff I want to tell you about. Veggie burgers, in particular. Very good.

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