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>> Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Snow day over here -- without much snow to speak of. Still, it's a nice change of pace. This time of year gets the best of me, especially since I work from home. Anyway, I have that protein waffle recipe to share (that's only 7 weight watchers points!), but I want to make it into a video. With everyone home today, it's been too crazy to film. Plus, I haven't yet showered.

Here are some random things that are going on.

#1: Last night, I felt compelled to do something beyond the march. So, while we sat down together to mock The Bachelor, I took some time to write a personal story that I intend to send to my local and state lawmakers. I also decided to submit it to Pantsuit Nation, so if you're a member of that community, you can check it out here.

The response has been incredible, and I feel very happy that I took the energy I almost didn't have to get that all off my chest.

#2: Like I mentioned, this time of year just gets me down. I am not being flip when I say that I do get a touch of SAD. It makes sense. I work at home. So, relatively isolated. We have more cloudy days than Seattle. So, I'm considering making one last purchase before our journey to debt-free. And I'm hoping some of you might have suggestions.

Does anyone have this HappyLight lamp or one like it?

Does it help you?

#3: We called Time Warner Cable this morning to stop our cable and internet service. We didn't watch the TV often anyway, but having a few channels made internet cheaper in some weird scenario. We switched over to EarthLink. Get this: It costs HALF of what we were paying even without a promotion . . . and it's the SAME exact service. Yeah. We switched with no interruption because EarthLink internet is through TWC.

There's another $40 off our monthly budget. WINNING!

Come to think of it, I may have mentioned a while back we were planning to do this. I don't know what took so long. We were just paying like fools when we didn't have to!

#4: Eloise is now over 7 months old. She's sitting up and even beginning the moves to start crawling. We need to get on baby-proofing -- ASAP. We made some major changes to the back of our living room, and I love how kid-friendly it is now. I hope to write more about our house soon. I have been meaning to do an updated tour for ages.

Maybe that's another video idea!

#5: One of the big changes in our budget is the grocery money. We had been sticking to around $125 a week and buying a meal out on weekends. Now, I am trying to dip down to $400 per month plus around $100 of flex food/entertainment funds. I know when I've talked grocery budgets in the past, people have been shocked that we can stick to $100, but it truly is possible. I may even be able to go lower if I am smart about cooking.

For next month, I'm planning to try an approach I've eyed on blogs and vlogs for a while -- shopping one big monthly shop -- say, $300 of the $400 budget -- and then doing little $25 shopping each week for fresh stuff. Have you shopped this way? Any tips for me? I'm going to try hitting up three stores in one day to make it happen. Aldi, Sam's Club, and Wegmans.

Here's to getting that waffle recipe filmed and posted tomorrow!

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