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>> Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy Wednesday, friends! I've been meaning to do a new + improved full house tour for over a year. (Here's the latest one from two years ago. And our first house tour, if you're interested.) We have definitely pared down and taken on a more minimalistic approach in most every room (the old living room shocks me!). But with different house projects we're doing, walls that are still only 3/4 painted, etc., it's been hard for me to go through the entire space.

I figured maybe doing a room-by-room tour would be the way to go. And what better place to start than the room that started a lot of my desire to be more minimal -- Ada's bedroom. Yup. Ada had probably more clothes than everyone else in the house combined. It was taking so much energy and time to put everything away. Same with stuffed animals, toys, and general clutter.

Here's the tour:

And here are some photos if you can't view the tour until later.

For reference, here's Ada's room before we leaned it out. It looks deceivingly organized and clean. But having the bed at a loft invited all kinds of clutter. She had tons of clothes in the closet that often sat in heaps on the floor waiting to be put away.

You may be asking: "Well, doesn't she need a desk?" and "What about toys?" Totally understand. In our old house, we wouldn't have been able to keep her bedroom quite this clear. We have most of the toys -- including her art desk -- in the basement. But that's a tour for another day. I wanted to keep the bedroom space mostly for sleeping. I think creating calm helps children feel safe and sleep better

Anyway, I hope to write another post in the future with some tips I can share about paring down your kid's wardrobe. It's been the biggest help in this space. It has also helped the morning routine incredibly by cutting a lot of time out (clothing decisions are serious business here!).

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