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>> Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wow. When will Ashley stop posting snow photos all over social media? Uh. Never, guys. I haven't seen this much snow since the blizzard of 1993 when my hometown got more than three feet. The "official" total where we live is 36" by a trained NOAA spotter. I didn't measure quite that much, but I looked up the spotter's latitude and longitutde to find his location, and he's on a hill about a quarter mile from my house. Who knows!

If you don't follow me on Instagram, here's a photo-dump:

// Weight Watchers

I'm back on Weight Watchers strong today. (If you missed it, here are my thoughts on doing it for one month + how much weight I lost.) I never quit, I just got really lazy about it. Part of that is because I've been upping my mileage for marathon training (I'll get to that more below). I've been hungry, and it's hard balancing out how many points I should eat when I'm running more. Does anyone have any advice on that?

Still, I've noticed after being stuck inside that my bad habits have returned. I ate SO MUCH puppy chow. I drank bourbon hot cocoas by and outdoor fire. I have emotional eating issues. I eat when I'm stressed and bored. I eat while watching TV at night. I don't portion out my foods. These are all habits I need to work on if I want to reach my goals and if I just want to maintain a healthier relationship with food.

// Marathon Thoughts

Yes. I'm running a marathon. No, I'm not running a marathon race. Confused?! Don't be. My training buddy and I had a revelation. Let's train for the distance but SCREW the race. We both hate all the logistics. The hundreds of dollars. The getting up early. The stress of if the weather is dreadful on race day. You know, all of the stress. The people. Etc.

We have decided instead to map out our own course and + complete it this spring/summer.

We are still following this plan by Hal Higdon. We are on week 8, but the snow has definitely derailed some workouts. We actually have already mapped out a pretty solid route that will stop by enough places to get water, have bathrooms, and even celebrate along the way. I am excited to share that adventure with you guys when it happens. We are thinking June will likely be the time, but that could change.

I know I've written about it in the past, but I'm a runner. I rarely wear a watch. I am not in it for the racing. For the cheering sections. For the gear. For the metals. For the PRs. I don't care about all that stuff. I haven't since having Ada, it seems. I like moving. I like the meditation. The thinking time. And lately I've really enjoyed the friendship and fun of just being active with someone and talking.

// Track Season

Stephen's spring track season started last week. I heard another spouse refer to herself as a "track widow" at one point. I mean no disrespect to actual widows, but I do understand the sentiment she was expressing. He's just . . . gone a lot. During the week it isn't terrible until the meets start up on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But then on top of that it's every Saturday. Many times the days are like 12-hour days.

Perspective: I know people have it far worse. It's just a big change. I don't like changes when we're in a good routine.

I'm looking forward to the weather getting nicer because I plan to take the girls to parks, playdates, and other things to keep us all occupied. It's hard without family in the area. It'd be nice to just have dinner at the grandparents' house, go play with cousins (Ada and Eloise have no first cousins anyway), or get some babysitting every now and again -- whatever. I am thinking for next year (Eloise is still so small) that I may need to investigate an actual babysitter to help out even just with one night a week.

// Dump Meals

I am OBSESSED with these freezer dump meals, you guys. I wrote about this whole thing when I last shared about monthly meal planning and food buying. Would you like a post on this? The whole thing involves looking up a good recipe. Then you need to modify it slightly so it will work and fit inside a gallon freezer bag. Then you chop and dump in all the ingredients. You freeze it. And then you thaw it and cook the day you're planning to eat it.

So far, I like it so much better than cooking ahead and then freezing. I feel like the food comes out fresher. Tonight we are having a chickpea curry -- OMG IT SMELLS AMAZING -- and I'm going to make some 5-minute Naan for the side. If you haven't checked out that naan recipe yet -- please do. I have made all sorts of naans, but this recipe is SO fast and SO easy and SO delicious.

Happy Thursday!

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