What's inside my minimalist diaper bag?

>> Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hey, guys! Over the weekend, I shared on my Instagram that I have become a diaper backpack convert. It frees up both hands. It's easy on your back. These are important things for mamas, am I right?

Here's more about what I carry in my diaper bag.

I talk more about it in the video -- but my approach used to be ridiculously minimalist. Almost to a fault. I literally carried a single diaper and a couple wipes in my purse. Now I carry the items I need, nothing extra.

If you're interested in my bag, I bought it from the Etsy shop called UrbanPath. This shop features Huipil backpacks, bags, and other items straight from Guatemala. They remind me of the bags you can buy for a much higher price by Nena + Co. You can also find similar bags on Amazon that will ship to you via Prime ASAP (though I cannot find a backpack on there!).

What's in my bag:

So, what do you think? Is this minimalist or not? It's definitely more than I used to carry -- but I feel like I do end up using it all when we go out to eat, for example. With the warmer weather coming up, I see long trips to the park in our future. I'll definitely need that first aid kit!

What do you carry in your diaper bag? Or do you choose not to carry one?

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