Weekend Things

>> Friday, April 28, 2017

Random post for you guys today. Maybe it's the return of WEEKEND THINGS! Here's what's current in my life right now. If you didn't catch yesterday's post, check that out. I didn't really advertise it. But it's a goodie. Not only is happy within reach . . . but you can also lose 43 pounds by Memorial Day. You know. Because that sounds about right.

Current goal: Yoga everyday

I don't know if I'm just getting older or if I'm just being lazy with my strength and flexibility. It's probably a combination of the two. Whatever the case, I feel so stiff and sore all the time. I can't bound around and feel like I'm 10+ years older than I actually am. I've been running a good amount, but what I haven't been doing is much stretching.

So, I'm committing to at least 15 minutes of yoga each and everyday. Unfortunately, I shopped around at our local classes . . . and our schedule is too hectic for me to make a class in person. No problem! I do videos on Yoga with Adrine's YouTube channel. Totally free. Totally awesome. Totally varied. Totally on my schedule. I actually just finished 20 minutes of yoga outside on our deck. What a great way to flow in the morning!

Current joy: Being outdoors.

The weather has done a 180. There's nothing more boring than going on and on about the weather, but when you live where it's winter essentially half the year. Yeah. It's a big deal. We're in the 70s and 80s this week, and I couldn't be happier. The leaves are starting up on the trees. There's pollen, but I'm happy to sneeze a little if it means I can be outdoors in shorts and a T-shirt.

I have a serious question for those of you who live in warmer climates: Do you ever get tired of it? Or do you just bask in the glory of being where's warm all the time? We likely cannot move due to a variety of reasons, but I genuinely feel I'd live a longer, happier life somewhere warmer.

Current workout: 3-mile stroller jog.

Stephen's long hours have meant that my own fitness has been hit or miss. I'm trying to get in 10,000 steps a day at very minimum. It's actually harder than you might think for someone who works from home. It's become much easier with the weather change, though. I'm going to do a post next week about how I get in my 10,000. But besides walking and general movement, I've started jogging with the stroller again.

I can do only about 3-4 miles tops before Eloise gets antsy. She lasts about a half hour with a cracker and teething toy. But I take her up on it. It's better than dooming myself to feeling trapped just because I don't have babysitting. I am also hoping to start doing some more strength workouts with kettlebells again.

Current lunch: Ramen noodles with veggies and a fried egg.

I found this brand of ramen noodles at Wegmans recently that's only 99 cents per bowl. They're organic and made with heirloom wheat. Of course, they don't have a ton of nutrition as is. So, I've started adding a cup of frozen veggies to the mix. Then I top it off with a fried egg. It's pure heaven. I am really excited for lunch today.

You can find the Koyo noodles on Amazon (that kind is reduced sodium -- I may need to order them!) if you cannot find them at your local store. If you're gluten-free, I've also had good success with the Thai Kitchen noodles in the past. They're rice versus wheat.

Current show: The People vs. OJ Simpson

Raise your hand if you remember watching the infamous Ford Bronco car chase back in the early 1990s. Also raise your hand if you know all the names of the people involved in the OJ Simpson trial. Keep your hand raised if you REALLY know anything about what happened. Yeah. I have the first two, but watching this show has been really eye-opening. I had no idea that the car chase was as complicated as it actually was. I also had no idea that OJ and the Kardashian family were so intimately connected.

It's a a good show. Plus, I absolutely love Sarah Paulson. What have you been watching lately?

Current obsession: Outdoor spaces. 

We recentely added a 10 x 10 addition to our deck. It has made just a gigantic difference in our backyard, let me tell you! Now I'm obsessed with making the ultimate backyard . . . on a budget. I'm hoping to make this a bit of a series. We need to build a better fence this summer, but I'd also like to spiff up the fire pit area and the garden. Wow. The garden needs some attention.

Here's a question for you green thumbs: If I am a lazy gardener this year without much plan -- what plants should I do? Cherry tomatoes have done really well in the past. I just want some produce and the experience of growing without having to give up a lot of time. I just don't have it right now. I think next year we could have a pretty banging garden if I start sooner.

Current cart:

And here's the stuff I've purchased or put in my cart on Amazon lately.

  • I am finally buying a new pair of Birkenstock Mayari sandals. I bought my last pair in 2012. I cannot tell you how many people ask about these shoes. Mine have held up so well . . . but now the cork and tread have both had it. I've seen these shoes go for upwards of $120, so $80 felt like a total win -- especially knowing how much I will wear them.
  •  OK. So as I was just getting the link for the sandals I bought, I somehow stumbled on the Birkenstock Daloa sandals. Ugh. That might be on my birthday list this year. They wrap around the ankle! 
  • Since I'm trying to create a Braverman backyard, I've obviously been researching lighting. I think I may go with these solar globe string lights for the deck. Do you have experience with solar string lights? I didn't know there was such a thing!
  • This adorable wooden fox ride-on toy by ALEX. Because Eloise's birthday is SO SOON. How did this happen!? 
  • I'm also looking into those spiderweb swings to add one to our swing set.

That's all I have for you today. I actually don't have any freelancing work to finish up (#winning), so I'm hoping to enjoy a bit of quiet and maybe do a bit more yoga before Eloise wakes up from her nap. This weekend, I need to turn my attention to the indoors for cleaning. Our outdoor spaces look so nice . . . but, yeah, we actually LIVE inside. So, you know.



Happy is Within Reach

>> Thursday, April 27, 2017

I got a few things at Wegmans yesterday to tide us over until our next monthly grocery shopping trip. The lines were long for some reason, so I decided to read some headlines on the magazines at the checkouts.

And then I saw this gem:

Of course, I was immediately reminded of the High School Skinny post I did a long time ago.

Drop 43 pounds by Memorial Day? The date on the magazine says May 3.
Belly fat goes first? I didn't think you could target weight-loss.
81 percent fewer cravings in just 48 hours? How was that determined?
Reprogram your metabolism. Uh, huh.
And -- my favorite -- HAPPY IS WITHIN REACH
You know, just randomly thrown in.

First off, how can anyone, save Biggest Loser contestants (and you know how I feel about that show!), lose 43 pounds in a month? Second, I totally see how this appeals to people. There's so much promise on this page. It makes life seem so simple. Your weight is keeping you down. Making you sad. Making you feel ugly inside and out. See those beautiful movie stars? Well, they sneak charcoal into their smoothies. If you do X, Y, and Z . . . not only will you lose weight, you'll lose LOTS of it and FAST.

Only, I'm sure nobody gets enough close to reaching what these things promise. It got me thinking: How are these publications still on the shelves? Who is buying this crap? My first exposure to these crash and fad diet magazines was in high school when my boyfriend's mother tried the cabbage soup diet. That was nearly 20 years ago, and I know they've been around longer than that.

* * * * * * * *

So many thoughts. All the thoughts. Which brings me to an update on my own weight. I am "stuck" at 145 pounds. No matter what I do. Weight Watchers certainly helped me clean up my act nutritionally, and I thank it for that. But I've decided not to continue my membership for the time being. There's more going on besides what I eat. I am almost certain I won't lose any more until I wean, and that's cool with me, albeit somewhat annoying.

In the meantime, I'm staying active. Wearing my Garmin VivoSmart, and it's working out great. I got 14,000 steps yesterday. I always go back and forth on wearing it all day, and then I realize when I wear it that I truly do feel more motivated to take a quickie walk or just do something to get my body in motion.

I may not lose 43 pounds this month (what a weirdly specific number, no?) . . . but that's not what health and, yeah, HAPPINESS is about. I will admit that I probably think about these matters more than I'd like. But even I understand that happiness isn't achieved in reaching a number on the scale. That's so much deeper. And shame on people who put out a message that says otherwise -- and profit from it, no less.

Rant over! Happy Thursday!


10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

>> Monday, April 24, 2017

Thank you for all your kind words and shared experiences related to Losing Scully. It's been a weird week. But I think we are feeling more at peace with our decision. I found a stray dark cat hair on myself earlier today, and it is still a strange feeling. Over time, though, I know it will get better. But thanks again for sharing your stories with us.

Today I thought I'd post a video. It's been a while, but I really want to keep up with my YouTube channel. This is a video I've seen going around for a while with 10 things you didn't know about me. I tried choosing things I don't think I've covered on the blog. They're not all terribly interesting -- but you get the idea!

This month really got away with me between taxes, Scully, Stephen's track schedule, and spring break. I'm hoping to get into a better groove from today forward. So, I'll be back on here soon with another post.

Happy Monday!


Losing Scully

>> Thursday, April 20, 2017

If you don't like hearing about bodily fluids and anything about cat health, you may want to skip this post. Also, due to the sensitive nature, I would appreciate if comments be kind. I understand that people make different decisions. Understand that we very thoughtfully made our decisions over time and after much research and consultation with our veterinarian.

I don't have much experience with animals -- especially not in making decisions about their health. We had a cat while I was growing up, and she lived to age 16, after I graduated from college. She ended up getting cancer, losing a lot of weight, and needing to be put to sleep. It was sad. But it wasn't my decision. Earlier this week, though, we had a similar situation where Stephen and I had to make the call, and I still feel very unsettled about it. It's actually why this space has been quiet lately. All my energy has been spent.

It all started several years ago. Scully developed a health issue that had her scooting her bottom on the floor and having frequent and numerous fecal accidents all over the house. We were less than enthused about this development, but all it required was taking a trip to the vet to have a gland expressed, and then things were OK. After a while, though, the accidents and issues became even more frequent . . . much more.

We were told this would be a chronic issue despite changing foods and doing other things to help. Still, it wasn't necessarily something that was life-threatening . . . just very inconvenient and, yeah, gross. But when you have an animal for twelve years, you try to forge on.

In the last year, though, the accidents were daily. Several times daily, in fact. We dutifully did what we could to help. The treatment was starting to last less and less time and we were told there was nothing we could do beyond what we were doing to "fix" it (with dogs, there's a surgery -- but they don't perform it on cats). And I'd be lying if I said it wasn't getting to be a bit much with a newborn and a five-year-old who would find said accidents all the time.

In the last month or two, we started noticing other types of accidents. First, frequent vomiting. We took Scully to the vet and realized that she had lost two pounds in the last six months.

Nothing seemed wrong on the surface, and she had been slightly overweight in the past. But then along with the vomiting, she started peeing in strange places. First I found urine on a pile of Ada's artwork I had left in a corner on the dining room floor. Then on a pair of jeans that was folded in the basement. Then one day I smelled around Eloise's ball pit (and all along the wall in our only carpeted room), and I realized it was being used as a litter box of sorts. Like, it was the epicenter.

We took Scully to the vet where they thought maybe she had a UTI. But the accidents continued and spread. The rest of this story all happened very quickly. Scully lost even more weight. She had stopped vomiting, but we now think it's because she wasn't eating (hard to tell because she and Rivey shared a bowl). Her urine was reddish, which meant blood. When you'd pick her up, she'd howl, seemingly in pain. At our last appointment, the vet said it was clear that she was having kidney issues/failure and was certainly suffering.

The last two weeks have been a mess of researching, consulting, and generally feeling very stressed and confused and guilty. On one hand, there may have been a million and five things we could have done to extend Scully's life. I won't lie, but money was becoming an issue. On the other, it was clear that she was suffering and dealing with a major medical problem. In the meantime, our home had become dangerous. Really. We had to admit that this was becoming a health hazard for our children, as callous as it sounds. There was pee, poo, and vomit everywhere.

Stephen took Scully to her appointment on Monday not really knowing what to do, and once he got there, it was like there was a tacit understanding. We had spent a lot of time discussing whether or not we should end her suffering. The thing is, I always thought she'd be older when we were having these conversations (though the vet said that Maine Coon cats do have a shorter lifespan). She still had a certain spark of life in her eyes. We both felt like monsters thinking that this is what we needed to do. Surely we could learn to live with all the chaos. But the more we thought about it, we knew something was very wrong.

We said goodbye to Scully on Monday.

It's still a fresh and strange feeling. Loss. Playing God, in a way. I still think I'm seeing her when I come upon a dark heap of Ada's clothing on the floor or in the early morning when I simply forget what happened. What's worse is that we still don't know if we made the right decision. But, at the same time, we do. Our vet agreed wholeheartedly, having been on the whole journey with us, that she likely would not get better.

We explain what happened to Ada. She is sad, but she is taking it alright. Rivey seems confused and spends much of the day searching around the house.

I have nothing very insightful to say about what happened. I think out of it, though, I've learned that I don't really enjoy having animals if it means making gut--wrenching choices like this one. We had Scully for 12 years. We always knew this day would come, just didn't think it would be so soon.

R.I.P., Scully.

You were a good kitty.


Spring Break + Current Goals

>> Thursday, April 13, 2017

SPRING BREAK! It's not exactly girls gone wild over here, at least not in the sense that we all know it. Nope. But in just one short hour, my big girl will be home for a week for her spring break. Stephen will be home, too. This is some much-needed rest and recovery time we all desperately need. Let me tell you.

What are our plans? Well, to do a bunch of . . . nothing.

We had initially planned to go visit my brother in Burlington, VT. Sadly, our plans fell through due to a perfect storm of financial stuff (unusually high vet and doctor bills, taxes, summer vacation deposits, etc.) and overall exhaustion. Yeah. We are running on fumes, and the thought of picking up and driving 5 hours with two kids seemed beyond overwhelming.

So, we'll be having a stay-cation of sorts. We plan to spend time in the sunny backyard playing on the swing set. We'll hopefully get a start on some gardening and outdoor beautifying (we really need to get a new fence -- so I want to investigate our options there). I need a few hours to go through bags of clothing for donation. (Oh, and if you remember from last year . . . we spent almost all our spring break purging. It was glorious.)

You know. We just need to do some catching up. I took on a good amount of work this month. While it won't be a total vacation for me, it'll be nice to have dedicated work hours without worrying about interruption from the kids.

Here's what else is on our spring break bucket list:

  • Walk to get ice cream at the local shop
  • Have a picnic, weather-permitting
  • Finish painting living room and basement stairwell
  • Visit a big playground
  • Have Mexican food in the town over
  • Enjoy a day-trip within an hour of us
  • Go on a date? Maybe? Hopefully?
  • Each of us have a friend-date
  • Start a nature book (for Ada -- more on this soon)
  • Visit the library
  • Start planning our summer
  • Grill pizza
  • Have a bonfire

I, personally, have some other random things I want to start back up in my life. Yoga, for example, even just 10 minutes a day would benefit me greatly. I am feeling sore and stiff from all the running I've been doing. Last night my running buddy and I did 8 miles. I felt awesome when we finished . . . and this morning I'm incredibly sore. I also feel like I've let my strength dwindle as running took over any kettlebells I was doing. But now my hand/wrist is injured somehow, so I don't know how soon I'll be getting into a new routine there.

I also want to do a few videos for the blog next week. Since Stephen will be home, my goal is to film three that I've been meaning to do for a while. It's just hard to coordinate good lighting, makeup/getting ready, and free time to do them. Just so you know this isn't an empty promise, the three videos are: 10 Things You Don't Know About Me, My Job + Career History, and Exactly How Crunchy Am I?

I hope you're all having a great week! I have noticed that it's spring break in quite a number of other places across the country. What are you all doing to fill your time? Or are you, like us, just happy to get a break from the madness of schedules, obligations, and general craziness?


Weirdest TTC Tricks

>> Friday, April 7, 2017

A lot of our TTC journey for Eloise was pretty dark, you know? But there were some moments we just had to laugh. I spent countless hours on forums sussing out the best techniques to get and stay pregnant. I mean, there's some insane stuff out there. I thought it would be interesting to share the wackiest methods I found, some of which I tried . . . and others I didn't. But I'll leave the guessing up to you.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. I am simply sharing the TTC tricks I have found from the bellows of the internet in my most maddening times of infertility/recurrent miscarriage. Please discuss taking any supplements and doing anything else drastic to change your routine with your doctor.

Pre-Seed Lube

Want to get pregnant fast? Pre-Seed Lubricant has you covered. Other lubricants may actually hinder the sperm's journey, but Pre-Seed gets those swimmers where they need to go in record time. This stuff is pricey, but it boasts a "clinically-proven" reputation, apparently mimics your own fluids, and may even help support sperm quality. Some women in TTC forums (you know -- infertility lore) believe this stuff helps more abnormal sperm get to the egg, increasing chances of miscarriage.

Instead Softcups

You know the Diva Cup and Luna Cup? Well, there's a disposable version of this period-catching device called the Instead Soft Cups. Women across the web explain that you can insert these guys after having sex to help keep the sperm next to the cervix, supposedly greatly increasing chances of conception. Not only that, some say they have their partner, uh, deposit into the cup and then insert if there's no time to do the deed on an important day (some same-sex couples even used this method to help with donor sperm).

Ovulation Kits

Using OPKs, as they are affectionately called in short-hand, isn't too weird. It's taking them multiple times a day -- 3 or 4 times -- that's the trick. Women say you can miss your surge unless you're really keeping track. Some believe the surge shows up most in the morning urine. Others say in the afternoon. Whatever the case, these strips measure the LH hormone that is present during ovulation. When the test line is darker than the control, it means ovulation will happen within a day or so. My advice? Use cheap test strips versus the electronic versions. The fancy and expensive type with smiley faces were confusing. My friend gave me a TON of her leftover cheapies, and I took them to my heart's content until I got pregnant with Eloise.


Word on the street is that taking this popular health food -- Maca Powder -- may do a number of things to help your chances of getting pregnant -- fast. Some women say it immediately helps balance their hormones and makes ovulation stronger. It may also increase libido, all while having some benefits for men with regard to fertility and virility. Others report that they stop ovulating while taking it. And some others say it worked for them after the second or third month of taking it.

Royal Jelly

I will fully admit I definitely did the Royal Jelly thing. Why am I sharing that I did this one? I believe it may work. I actually learned about it from a reader. What is it? Well, it's a supplement made from a secretion made by honey bees intended to nourish their larvae. It tastes like honey. The two months I used Royal Jelly (Stephen did, too!), I got pregnant. The first ended in a miscarriage and the second ended in Eloise. I took a heaping teaspoon in the morning and at night. Then I stopped taking it in the two-week wait. Both of the months I took it, my ovulation felt very strong and happened many days earlier (day 16 and -- on the month Eloise was conceived -- day 14 versus day 18-20).

Seed Cycling

I wrote a post about Seed Cycling a while back. Here's installment I and installment II for your reading pleasure. The idea here is that you may balance your hormones (estrogen/progesterone) by eating certain seeds at different times in your cycle. You eat one tablespoon each ground flax and pumpkin seeds in day 1 of your cycle through ovulation. Then you eat one tablespoon each ground sunflower seeds and sesame seeds from ovulation through your period. Yes. You can probably tell I am admitting I tried this trick, too. I put the seeds in a morning smoothie. I got pregnant with Eloise the month I did it. Who knows!

Progesterone Cream

Progesterone Cream seems like a favorite baby-sticking trick for women who may not qualify to get prescription progesterone supplements. Some women with PCOS even report using it to try and suppress ovulation for several months in hopes of making a stronger ovulation. You simply apply the cream to different parts of your body to try and supplement your body's own stores. This trick is often brought up in forums among women who have had multiple miscarriages -- people seem to either swear by it or say it totally does nothing compared to prescription supplements.

Temperature via Vag

I've written about tracking basal body temperature using a special thermometer. I do think this method works because it helps you see what your body might be up to ovulation-wise. I was even able to "predict" an early miscarriage this way. Basically, many women get a temp spike around ovulation each month. In the second phase of your cycle, progesterone in your body keeps temps high. If they don't plummet, you may be pregnant. If they do, you'll likely get your period. Anyway, the trick here is that taking the temperature in your vagina -- yes, just do it -- is way more effective than taking it in your mouth. You can learn so much about this whole thing in the bestselling book Taking Charge of Your Fertility.


You can also buy a special Ferning Microscope to help monitor when ovulation might occur. You put your saliva in the scope and then look at it. When it create a ferning pattern, it's time to get busy. This tool gets mixed reviews. It's the size of a lipstick case, so it's easy to take wherever you're going. And it is potentially very helpful if you have irregular cycles and have absolutely no idea when you might ovulate based on the calendar.

Alternative Medicine, etc.

Some women think getting a chiropractic adjustment got them pregnant. Others say it's acupuncture that helped balance their chi and helped their body accept a pregnancy. I believe taking on a regular yoga practice lowered my stress levels and -- possibly -- helping me conceive. (Though, I do not believe that stress causes miscarriage ONE BIT.) What I want to add with this bullet is that if you're in the terrible trenches of a long TTC journey, you'll probably run across a lot of articles -- like this one -- where women SWEAR that X, Y, or Z made it SO EASY.

I am not trying to diminish anyone's feelings, but there are several camps of TTC-ers you'll encounter. What you may come across most often are women who don't get pregnant the very first month they try . . . that "miraculously" get pregnant by trying a number of popular tricks within a couple months. The thing is, it often takes several months for healthy couples to conceive naturally. So, many hints and secrets you come across need to be taken with a double margarita, rim lined with lots of salt.

I hope you found this post interesting. Like I said, I cannot say these things work or don't work. Sometimes just trying something can help you get through the madness and feel like you have some control when, in reality, maybe you really don't. Some of these things, like eating seeds, don't seem to hurt. Others, like taking hormonal creams, might. So, again. Discuss any big changes to your routine with your doctor. 

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Bad Spending Month // Recovery Plan

>> Monday, April 3, 2017

March, you guys. Oh, March. Where to begin? Stephen and I are in the process of switching to a more local bank. We have most of our money (which isn't much!) in Bank of America, but there are no local branches. It's made the cash system costly. The month we did take out cash, we discovered that we were being double-charged. We had taken out our cash in two installments . . . and it ended up (FOOLISHLY) costing us like $30.

So, we joined a local bank which now makes ATM transactions free. In the process of switching, though, we haven't transferred around enough, so we decided to just do our debit card last month. I still shopped for our food at the beginning of the month in a large shop and stuck within budget. After that, though, it was a landslide of spending . . . and I'm really not proud of it. This is our current plan to get debt-free, and I hate already deviating from it.

Without having the physical money, we find ourselves venturing out to the store and buying all sorts of things we "need". We find ourselves without a plan -- and that's dangerous. I haven't looked at the ugly numbers yet, but I plan to do that later today. Part of me is actually just nervous/scared to look at how much we over-spent on our budget. Does anyone else ever feel that way when you're looking at a bad over-budget month?

Here's our plan for recovery:

Chatting about the Why

Stephen and I know very well why our spending got out of control. He started coaching track and is now gone long hours and Saturdays. This means we are trying to do anything and everything to make ourselves feel better. And that usually means eating takeout or getting extra food all the time. Because home-cooked meals are sometimes hard to make when life is crazy AND eating delicious sandwiches with fresh ingredients from Wegmans several nights a week just sounds . . . amazing.

Ugh. The schedule isn't changing until a couple weeks into June. If we keep spending at this pace, our bank account will look frightening by summer. This is one of the main reasons why everything went to crap this month. So, we need to recognize it and move on.

Going Back to Cash

We need to take out cash for this month. Period. I'm going to figure out the total number I want to take out today and then divvy it up into my cash envelope system wallet. Then I'm going to write out our spending plan for the month.. There isn't much more to say about this one. If you're prone to mindless and excessive spending when you use cards . . . cash can help so much.

Simplifying Our Meals

We have $500 a month set aside for our food. We have a pretty well-stocked pantry right now, so I may forgo the big monthly shopping trip and try to just use up what's in the pantry for as long as possible. I'll need to buy some fresh produce and other items that expire more quickly. But otherwise, I am going to try to plan our meals around what's already at home. This may mean eating pasta more frequently this month.

My goal is to spend just $300 of that $500. SAVINGS: $200, maybe more.

Planning a Personal Spending Freeze

I budget $200 a month to an allowance fund for the family. This money is essentially fun money, money for stuff each of us might need or want, and etc. This month of April we are going to try to spend as little of this money as possible. Along with that, we have a $135 monthly weekend fund to do stuff out. Instead of breaking into that, we're going to try to just doing free stuff on our weekends and skip eating out, etc. I'm hoping the nicer weather may help with this. Having a blizzard and all that jazz definitely contributed to us spending more money.

SAVINGS: Potentially $335, but we'll see what ends up happening. It definitely won't be all of this.

Changing Vacation Expectations

OK. Yeah. So, this is where it gets tricky. We are also heading up to Burlington to visit my brother mid-month. What I think may happen is that we use some of these weekend/personal funds to pay for what we are doing up there versus spending any extra on top of the budget. Does that make sense? We've had this trip planned for a while . . . and we originally intended to stay three nights. I think we're going to cut the trip back to just two nights and try to save that way as well.

On the trip, we get free breakfast at the hotel, so that's a savings. I'm going to look up as many free things to do as possible. And we will try to eat modestly out and not spend a ridiculous amount of money on all the meals. Gas is the other expense. I'll try to write more about our travel budget soon.

SAVINGS: $100 -- at least that's what we'll call it for now. It's complex because we didn't totally have budget for travel right now BUT we also want to see my brother and his girlfriend.

Postponing Paying Our Debt

This might not be a popular bullet point, but I think right now we need to preserve the money that's in our bank account. And that means skipping a month of paying an extra $1,000 to our debt. This isn't really a savings, but it will help us in the short-term preserve our emergency fund.

I am actually experimenting with taking on a bit less work this month because things have been crazy with Stephen's new schedule. Basically, we're needing to go back to our original pay-off plan to tweak it a bit. It may make better sense for our to try and allocate $500 a month toward debt versus a full $1,000. I am having trouble sustaining writing so much when Stephen has 11-hour weekdays and was gone from 8:00-5:30 on Saturday.

Final Thoughts

This isn't the most organized or most inspirational budget post I've ever seen. I more just wanted to get it out there. We had a bad month. We recognize that we cannot go back to our old habits. Back-sliding it just not fun at all, especially when it comes to finances. We are admitting we messed up. We are doing a few things to help recoup some of the extra we spent. And all we can do now is more forward and have a good month.

What do you do to recover from a bad spending month? Any suggestions for us? I'm off to see exactly what the damage is!

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