Spring Break + Current Goals

>> Thursday, April 13, 2017

SPRING BREAK! It's not exactly girls gone wild over here, at least not in the sense that we all know it. Nope. But in just one short hour, my big girl will be home for a week for her spring break. Stephen will be home, too. This is some much-needed rest and recovery time we all desperately need. Let me tell you.

What are our plans? Well, to do a bunch of . . . nothing.

We had initially planned to go visit my brother in Burlington, VT. Sadly, our plans fell through due to a perfect storm of financial stuff (unusually high vet and doctor bills, taxes, summer vacation deposits, etc.) and overall exhaustion. Yeah. We are running on fumes, and the thought of picking up and driving 5 hours with two kids seemed beyond overwhelming.

So, we'll be having a stay-cation of sorts. We plan to spend time in the sunny backyard playing on the swing set. We'll hopefully get a start on some gardening and outdoor beautifying (we really need to get a new fence -- so I want to investigate our options there). I need a few hours to go through bags of clothing for donation. (Oh, and if you remember from last year . . . we spent almost all our spring break purging. It was glorious.)

You know. We just need to do some catching up. I took on a good amount of work this month. While it won't be a total vacation for me, it'll be nice to have dedicated work hours without worrying about interruption from the kids.

Here's what else is on our spring break bucket list:

  • Walk to get ice cream at the local shop
  • Have a picnic, weather-permitting
  • Finish painting living room and basement stairwell
  • Visit a big playground
  • Have Mexican food in the town over
  • Enjoy a day-trip within an hour of us
  • Go on a date? Maybe? Hopefully?
  • Each of us have a friend-date
  • Start a nature book (for Ada -- more on this soon)
  • Visit the library
  • Start planning our summer
  • Grill pizza
  • Have a bonfire

I, personally, have some other random things I want to start back up in my life. Yoga, for example, even just 10 minutes a day would benefit me greatly. I am feeling sore and stiff from all the running I've been doing. Last night my running buddy and I did 8 miles. I felt awesome when we finished . . . and this morning I'm incredibly sore. I also feel like I've let my strength dwindle as running took over any kettlebells I was doing. But now my hand/wrist is injured somehow, so I don't know how soon I'll be getting into a new routine there.

I also want to do a few videos for the blog next week. Since Stephen will be home, my goal is to film three that I've been meaning to do for a while. It's just hard to coordinate good lighting, makeup/getting ready, and free time to do them. Just so you know this isn't an empty promise, the three videos are: 10 Things You Don't Know About Me, My Job + Career History, and Exactly How Crunchy Am I?

I hope you're all having a great week! I have noticed that it's spring break in quite a number of other places across the country. What are you all doing to fill your time? Or are you, like us, just happy to get a break from the madness of schedules, obligations, and general craziness?

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