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>> Friday, May 5, 2017

I see a lot of Mother's Day gift lists popping up across the blogosphere. Seeing as we're trying our best to resist STUFF these days, I thought I'd offer a some alternatives. This is a gift list for mamas who don't want more things cluttering up their spaces. These are somewhat practical or simply sentimental ideas, and I hope you enjoy them!

// 1: Fresh flowers.

They always do the trick. I plucked these guys off the gigantic bushes we have growing in our backyard. Of course, you can always check out your local florist, too.

// 2: Alone time. 

Stephen took the girls to dinner last night while I stayed home and painted. It was a glorious 45 minutes of solitude at home that I realized I hadn't had in months. As an introvert, I'd be totally content spending several days by myself. But I won't exactly get that luxury until Eloise is weaned (working on it) and -- well -- I don't really see it happening anytime soon!

So, I'm hoping to get a bit of a longer stretch for Mother's Day this year. I didn't even need to DO anything to enjoy it either. If I get several hours by myself, I'll spend it exercising, taking a long shower (I'm not a bath person), and probably just basking in the silence.

// 3: Nerd stuff. 

My gift this year is actually the Ancestry DNA test. No joke! This isn't sponsored either. I've wanted it for ages -- you guys know how I feel about genealogy. I should be receiving the test in a week or so. Then I'll provide a saliva sample and get my results back in six to eight weeks. It's definitely not instant gratification, but it will surely be interesting.

I'll be sure to do a review on this test when I get it. Has anyone tried it? What did you think? I have always been brought up to believe I'm very much German and English, maybe some Welsh. Should be interesting to see the breakdown! 

// 4: Family time.

I know I drone on and on about our schedule woes these days. I mean, it's simply draining to wake up Saturday after Saturday and not be able to spend time together. So, getting everyone piled in the van and going to a park or playground or even just staying home for a quiet morning in sounds glorious. To make this one more gift-y, consider making a schedule of events.

Ours might be:
  • Wake up slowly
  • Homemade brunch
  • Take a walk around the neighborhood
  • Visit the story garden
  • Backyard game time while Eloise naps 

// 5: Chocolate. And wine. Etc.

The good stuff. And not a box of chocolate or wine. Go pick up the most delicious, decedent chocolate bar and the most special bottle of wine you can find. If your mom (or you) isn't in to these things, cater the search to whatever she likes.

Heck, I'd love a Starbucks gift card!

// 6. Event tickets.

Send your mom (or yourself) to see Hamilton. J/K. Right? We WISH. But you know. I'd love to see the local philharmonic, but I have trouble dropping the bones it'll take to get me a seat. RENT is coming to town this weekend, and I'd love to see that (again -- saw the original cast on Broadway way back). Even if it's just a ticket to a movie -- it's super fun and something that'll make her feel pampered and special.

PS: How cute is this shirt?

// 7: Fitness/club stuff. 

I'd love to get even a temporary membership to a local yoga studio. A class or three would be pretty cool. So, if your mom is into spinning or Barre or something, consider giving her a few studio classes. If she's not one to head to the gym or studio, maybe get her a few supplies for working out. Like this swanky water bottle or this BarreAmped Workout DVD.

// 8: Or something else.

Or maybe your mom is like me and wants to refinish her dining room table. Buy her the chalk paint and supplies. Maybe she wants a Braverman backyard this summer. Get her some string lights to illuminate it or a sweet patio umbrella. A newer mama might want a ring sling for the upcoming summer months. You know your mom best. Try to keep it somewhat practical, and you'll avoid the whole random-trinket-on-a-shelf situation.


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