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>> Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Of course, when I write about possibly stopping writing . . . I all of a sudden have so much to say. First, I wanted to extend a big thank you to those of you who sent me comments and messages on this topic. That's the reason I've continued on as long as I have. This community is so supportive and kind. I have loved "knowing" some of you for the past decade, give or take.

It seems like you guys mostly understand where I am right now with blogging. I love writing. I don't love content generation. Also, I think some of you were confused when I wrote that I like watching YouTube and Instastories more lately. I don't mean I'm considering replacing writing with these things. In my experience, putting together videos for my YouTube channel takes so much more time and energy. Writing flows. I also don't have to get dressed or put on makeup to write. I suppose I don't need to do that to record either -- but you know, vanity.

The more thought I've put into the whole situation, the more I've decided that less is definitely more. As a writer and as a reader, I think this idea holds true. A return, perhaps, to the good old days of blogging may be my thing. A 2005-style (thanks, Chrissy!) of longer or at least more poignant narratives, less often. More of my thoughts and less take-home ideas (though I'm sure bits and pieces will spark things you may want to try for yourselves). A recipe where it feels right, but not testing and tooling for recipe creation's sake.

Obviously, I'll continue to share the everyday things I'm doing. Like how we're building a glorified kiddie pool with a filter (!!!) so we won't have to continually dump and refill all summer long! (By the way, if you've wondered where I've been on social media recently -- I've been digging and leveling.)

I've always been meaning to share more about my homesteading efforts, too. I just planted our garden for the year, for example, and I'm excited to start small.  I had all these sweeping plans to be much more impressive, but -- again -- the theme this year seems to be less is more.

A longstanding goal of mine is to grow more of our own food in the backyard. I have had many missteps along the way. But instead of forcing . . . sharing my tips and tricks, I'd rather just share the chronicles. Because I actually don't know what I'm doing! I'd rather write about my observation of the pesky robins and other birds who jump the fence I took a good hour erecting. They laugh in my face as they nosh on the would-be eggplants and peppers.

Somehow when I inserted that last image, it deleted the rest of what I had written. Several paragraphs. Fail. So, I mostly wanted to say that I appreciate there are some of you who still read blogs. Already, writing in this more narrative style versus TIPS and DIY THIS and PIN ME! It's just easier. It suits me more in this stage of life.

So, if you'll keep reading . . . I'd love to keep at it in this way. And if you read blogs that are in this style, please share them with me. I'd love to get back to more reading, too.

Let's begin this resurgence of old-school blogging. I'm all in!

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