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>> Wednesday, May 10, 2017

For quite some time, I have been spinning my wheels on the blog. I haven't had a direction. I get compelled to share one thought or another idea. But nothing every stays cohesive like back in the good old days. I also haven't shared much in the way of recipes -- at least not consistently, which is what a lot of you came here for in the first place.

Well, today I wanted to open up and share with you about all things food. You know I struggle with sugar. You know I eat lots of desserts and breads and all those "bad" things. In the last several years, it's been worse than ever. That's why I probably haven't shared much. I don't cook as much as I used to. And what I eat is almost embarrassing at times. I hate making excuses. Still, going through what we went through to get and stay pregnant with Eloise took a toll on my mental and physical health in many ways.

For starters, I am struggling to get back into the running shape I was once in . . . not just from pregnancy, but from all the miscarriages and time off I had to take during TTC. My mileage and pace steadily declined, and I'm fine with the reason. She's almost one, and I'm forever thankful for her. But it's SO hard and quite humbling getting back. It makes me less excited to run. It feels like a chore despite how much I love it. I also just lack energy to exercise from my poor diet.

Along with exercise woes, I became a sugar monster beyond my wildest dreams nightmares. I fully admit I used food to cope with my emotions (especially when you can't use alcohol during countless two week waits, amIright?) and haven't looked back until very recently. I tried Weight Watchers earlier this year with some success, but I haven't shared much because it didn't stick. I wasn't mentally ready to clean up my act.

Something about the weather (silly) and -- more -- the passage of time has inspired me to do better. For myself, yes. But with Mother's Day on the horizon, a lot of this has to do with my kids. I look at them and realize that I can do better for them. I want to be around for a long time. I know I don't have total control over it, but I do have control over some aspects of my health. I want to have energy for them. I want to be in a better mood. I want to feel my best. I want them to have good relationships with food, too.

Stephen eats really well. Like, he should have a food blog. You guys would love it. Each night, he bolts through the kitchen in just 10 minutes and makes the most amazing overnight oats, salads, and other healthy eats to take work. He's in the peak of health, and it's quite inspiring. And -- at times -- it can be discouraging to me. Why? I, on the other hand, usually nosh on bread, leftover toaster waffles, candy or desserts, and anything else carb or cheese related during the day. I've barely been cooking. I miss cooking. I miss feeling healthy. I took a look at myself the other day (figuratively) and said out loud:

WHAT has HAPPENED to you?

It was like a swift slap in the face.
Something woke me up.

This isn't my introduction to starting up some program like Beach Body. I'm not going to say I'm going to start replacing my meals with protein smoothies. I have nothing to sell. I'm not doing the Whole30. I'm not going gluten-free. I'm not going vegan. I'm not making any sweeping change to my diet, in fact. You see, I've decided to start small, and I want my blog my way through it for motivation.

I plan to eat Raw Once A Day.

That's where ROAD comes from. I need to eat more raw foods -- veggies, specifically. I hate salads, though. So, I'm on a mission to eat a raw meal just o.n.c.e a day that satisfies and excites me. Salads to fall in love with salads. But there are so many other raw things that can be good. I feel so amazing after eating this way . . . but I know I like my cooked fare, too. So, once a day seems like a great place to start.

I'm sure many of you are like "what's the big deal? I do this anyway!" Eat like an adult, already! And good for you. Right now, this seems like an epic change for me. I'm excited for it. I am hoping eating raw once a day will help inform my other food choices throughout the day, week, month. I am hoping it will shift my mindset a bit. Shake it up.

So, for the time being I'm planning to start sharing three posts a week (REALLY!). Quickie meals that you can make. Raw foods. Easy and hopefully inexpensive ingredients. Maybe many that you can find at Aldi. I'd like to start food blogging again, along with my regular writings, and I feel like taking charge of my health is a wonderful way to get inspired and start. I'll have my first recipe posted for you tomorrow. Spoiler -- it's on Instagram today if you cannot wait!

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