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>> Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A friend of mine was recently asking for recommendations on Facebook because she wants to go skydiving. I passed along the name of a place I know up in the Finger Lakes and shuttered at the thought myself. Simply being in a plane is my idea of a waking nightmare. But it got me thinking about how I’ve become lazy with going out of my own comfort zone. And it’s something I’d like to work on for my own personal growth.

As silly as it sounds, I don’t like driving. I mentioned in my 10 Things You Didn't Know About Me video that it seems I don’t really enjoy any type of transportation. If I could choose, I’d live in an extremely walkable town/city that has lots of recreation. And I'd rarely leave. It’s not that I don’t like seeing new places, but I’m somewhat of a homebody. I’m happy staying in and around my home. We only have the means for one big vacation a year (in less than two weeks!), so it works out. I see many friends jetting all around the world alone, and I’m in awe of them.

Anyway, driving. I actually did something to jolt myself out of my comfort zone this week. I’ve been wanting to spend more time with my best friend from high school. It’s crazy, because we only live two hours apart, but making the trip with the whole family just doesn’t happen. Especially when we’re in coaching seasons. But there’s an area smack between our houses where we can shop, go out to eat, etc. So, we made a plan to meet up. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but when I got myself in the car alone . . . I got this rush of panic.

I’m actually pretty embarrassed to admit that the thought of driving an hour alone brought about fear. But, this is why I have decided I need to shake things up. The last time I made that drive, I was fresh off my D&C and had Ada in the back seat. I got about an hour away from home and then my tire basically exploded on the highway with nowhere to pull over. It was snowing. And it was Easter morning. I limped the car over to a Friendly’s parking lot (thank goodness it was open!) and called my dad to come to my rescue. (It’s a long story, but our other car was in the shop, so Stephen couldn’t come. And AAA wouldn’t help me because Stephen is the cardholder for our account.)

OK. Back to my recent trip. The most I drive is just around town these days. That could be a quick 5-minute errand or Aldi trip. Or that could be 25 minutes way across the area to the children’s museum. But there’s usually the chatter of a baby or Stephen to keep my company. The silence on my trek was definitely something that got to me. But eventually . . . I actually liked it. Sure, it felt weird being alone, but I had built the whole thing into much more than it was. I need to do more solo trips. It’s about more than just driving. I really don’t take enough time for just me -- independently. Everything I do is usually with or about someone else.

I’m currently coming up with a few things I’d like to do outside of my zone before the summer ends. I won’t share the whole list with you, but it’ll likely be much more of the same. Spoiler: No, skydiving won’t be on it. Maybe a longer solo car trip. (Don’t get the wrong idea -- there are plenty of times I’ve driven even into major cities alone. I’m just terribly out of practice, hence anxiety.) I’d like to work up to eventually flying someplace. Stephen’s brother lives in LA, and we’ve been meaning to get out that way . . . but I’d need to find peace with my fear first.

What have you done out of your comfort zone lately? Any ideas for my list?

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