Cape May

>> Friday, July 14, 2017

Greetings from the Jersey shore! 

We’ve been down here since last Saturday, after a long journey down, and we’ve been soaking in all the sun, sand, and surf we can hold. Cape May is definitely our favorite place to relax as a family, despite beach vacations with babies being less than relaxing at times. I think we’re finally getting into a good groove before we head over the bridge to spend next week with Stephen’s family in Wildwood Crest.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a post on the stuff I like to check out while I’m down here. So, I’ll include a quick list of my top picks for you here. One thing I have yet to do, but I’m hoping to next week, is get a loaf from Enfin Farm’s “bread lady” in West Cape May. You have to arrive early and wait in line . . . but apparently her loaves are unique (sage + polenta, anyone?) and absolutely delicious. Here’s a well-written article I found about her.

Food + Drinks

Kohr’s Brothers Frozen Custard


Cheeks (FLAX! I found a pair of flax pants for $10 on a super sale)


Cove Beach is my favorite
Poverty Beach is Stephen’s favorite
Sunset Beach is Ada’s favorite
Higbee Beach is also fun for walking around


Climbing the lighthouse
Listening to live music in the Washington Street Mall
Playing games at Congress Hall’s family carnival
Heading out to Cold Spring Village to steep in Colonial times
Listening to ghost stories about the different haunts 
Trekking to DE on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry
Walking the streets and looking at all the victorian houses

On our last day here, we started out by heading to the beach for a swim. Ada is currently relaxing with the iPad while Eloise naps and Stephen does a few loads of laundry. We’re planning to head back out to the Cape May Brewery this afternoon and to grab lunch at the taco joint next door. We also have some free tickets to the aviation museum, so we may check that out, too.

Hmmm, what else? Oh, this year we became better acquainted with Cape May Point. It’s a quiet residential community at the very tip of New Jersey. We went to the beach there a few mornings. It’s a bit steep, but nice and quiet. There’s a sweet church near the beach where you can park for free. Very quiet and off the beaten path.

Some of you may wonder why we don’t vacation anywhere else. I mean, we come here year after year after year. I grew up going all over the place with my family because my dad had lots of business trips. I don’t know. There’s something about Cape May that pulls us back year after year. I like having a familiarity, not having to learn the lay of the land. Each year, we dig a bit deeper into the community and learn about new places and things we’d like to try . . . but we still fall back on all the old favorites.

My highlight this year was taking a trolley ghost tour out to the lighthouse at night. The tour itself was actually not that great. The stories were too brief and not well timed. But when we climbed the lighthouse in the dark of night and reached the top -- I loved feeling the cool breeze and hearing the waves beneath me while everything was black. Well, except for the beam from the lighthouse. It’s still working, after all.

I’m hoping to jump on here next week to write a bit more. We’ll have some family help, so downtime may happen more than it did this week. Here we are in the middle of July. I turn 34 late this month. I can’t really believe it. But things are good. This is our big trip of the year, so I’m going to sign off and go enjoy. See you soon! And wish you were here!

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