10th anniversary, baby-making, and more

>> Tuesday, August 29, 2017

So much updating to do. So many things left on our to-do list before summer vacation ends. Figured I’d write up a quick what’s-going-on-over-here type post today before I dig into other good stuff later this week and beyond.

Like, literally dig in . . .

// 1: Upcoming posts

Here’s what on tap for soon. Hold me to them! I should be better scheduling my time now that school is back in session. I have gotten rather lax with my wake-ups since I don’t HAVE to finish my freelance stuff in the early AM hours. But come next Tuesday, I’ll be up at 5:30 AM each morning. I’m even considering getting up earlier to shift my workouts.

We’ll see. Regardless:
  • 5 frugal accomplishments as of late
  • Suburban homesteading projects for fall
  • Budget update and whether or not we’re paying down our debt
  • Super easy yeasted naan recipe perfect for freezing + making individual pizzas
  • Our family command center that’s both fabulous and functional
  • Day in the life of a coach’s wife
  • More second-hand shopping ninja tips, including thoughts on resale
  • Less waste missteps I’ve made and how I’ve corrected them
  • Inexpensive toddler + big kid activities we’re enjoying
  • Our favorite vegetarian school lunches

// 2: Back-to-school stuff

So many of you guys are already in back-to-school mode. We’re still off for a little over a week, so it hasn’t been too much of a thing in our house. Still, we’ve purchased our school supplies, browsed good lunch recipes on Pinterest, and done the necessary school clothes shopping. Thing is, now we’ve got TOO many clothes between those that kinda-sorta fit and those that are brand-spanking new. I’m going to go through and try my best to make a more minimal wardrobe for Ada (and Eloise), and I hope to share that soon.

I definitely want to keep the nicer, newer things for school but also have a good stock of play clothing, as Ada plays HARD. She’s always getting grass stains and holes. I need to find better ways to launder out the stains and maybe even learn some mending. It’s always a shame when a pair of pants is good except a pesky hole at the knee.

Any suggestions?

// 3: 1997 style

Anyone else a fan of Safiya Nygaard? Yeah, she may be more than a decade my junior -- but her videos are well-researched and often hilarious. I especially enjoyed the latest exploration of style in the late 1990s -- 1997, specifically.

Some of you guys may recognize those magazines, advertisements, and Delia’s catalogs. I am definitely guilty at age 13 of taking a photo of Rachel from Friends into my hairdresser. Heck, in 1997, I was in my most prime teenage year because it was all so new to me. I tried all these trends, including the chopsticks in my hair.

// 4: Uterine happenings

I had my midwife appointment last Wednesday. I was particularly anxious about this appointment because my midwife is leaving the area. There also aren’t any midwives currently working in my area aside from another one who is leaving in November. So, I need to find another doctor, which is kind of weird for me. I’ve been at the same practice for a decade. But the doctor I may go with is at another practice and another hospital.

Though we aren’t 100 percent ready to (or sure we will) try for a third, I had a lot of questions for my midwife because she was most familiar with my issues from before Eloise’s pregnancy. In the end, we decided that if we do go that route, I will immediately using baby aspirin and progesterone. Research is mixed on whether or not this combination truly works. It did for me -- but it could have been coincidental (I think not -- but I don’t hold a medical degree). Anyway, I now have a standing prescription at the pharmacy that’s good for a year. We’ll see if we end up using it or what happens there.

Obviously it may seem strange to some of you for sharing this type of information. I only do it because I think trying after having losses is hard. I know some of you have found my blog through dealing with infertility or miscarriage. Even if you’ve had another successful pregnancy, the doubt and fear is very real. I don’t take any of it for granted. In the end, if we do try for another child I’m not thinking I could emotionally deal with going through what happened the last time. So, if it came to that, we’d likely (happily) move onto life as a family of four.

// 5: The big 1-0

Stephen and I will be celebrating out 10th wedding anniversary on Friday. I mean, that’s pretty insane to me. We started dating in college in 2005, so we’ve been together a little over 12 years. In the last 10, we’ve moved cities, bought two houses, had two kids, and shared a bunch of other milestones.

10 years of marriage looks pretty great, eh?

Here’s more photos from our wedding day. I scanned them in because this was before it was necessarily normal to get big digital drop boxes of your photos. This was also before the times of Pinterest and crazy photo-shoots. I sort of love that we got married before it became all rustic barns, Mason jars, and food trucks.

Some of my friends have jetted off to Europe or done other grand things to celebrate their milestone anniversaries. Sure, that’s would be fun. Maybe I’m a little jealous. But money/time doesn’t allow for those things over here. Instead, we bought a luxury edition of Scrabble (ours is white) that I found for less than half price at Home Goods, went out to our favorite Indian restaurant when we had babysitting a few weeks back, and will probably spend the evening on Friday crafting a homemade meal. And that’s truly enough. We’re both easy to please.

That’s all for today. More soon! 

Any requests for which posts to do sooner rather than later?

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