Friday Rewind // Ada’s Nursery Tour

>> Friday, August 18, 2017

I was flipping through old photos the other day. I’ll try not to get too down on myself, but I feel like I was so much more together as a mom to Ada than I am to Eloise. I mean, so many factors in our lives have changed. I really should give myself more grace. But . . . we haven’t even finished painting Eloise’s nursery yet. Still, in my photos with Ada at just 11 months, I was dressed in cute dresses with boots, my house was impeccably clean, and Ada was wearing clean + adorable outfits. Everything seemed in place.

Here’s a rewind to September 2012.

(Side note: We still use this exact Woolino sleep sack! Every night!)

Was that real life? Honestly, I cannot remember. I’m sure I was projecting an image more than anything else. But at the same time, I am incapable of even trying to seem this together now. I write this as I type in my pajamas, dirty hair, and I haven’t run in a couple days. I’m definitely having an off week. I feel tired and slightly nervous for the upcoming school and cross country busy season.

Regardless. Five years ago. How times flies. We’ve been through so much since these photos were taken, but they are still a sweet glimpse into the life we used to lead. I hope to snap some photos of Eloise’s nursery soon. Maybe that’s some incentive to finish up the painting.

Happy Friday, friends! Be kind to yourselves.

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