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>> Tuesday, November 21, 2017

So, what are we getting the girls for Christmas? I actually have all my shopping done for them already. Say what?! You may know that I'm always a late shopper, and I wanted it off my plate early this year. Here is a list of the things they are actually getting or that we already own -- not just stuff I think would be cool and that I don't intend to buy.

// 1: Play Silks

I bought two of Sarah’s enchanted play silks -- one in rainbow and the other in blossom. I love how they could be used for anything from dress-up to fort-making. Open-ended play items are my favorite because they foster so much creativity . . . and they don’t require batteries!

I had alternatively considered buying the girls a set of these polyester play cloths. They’re a bit less expensive but have good reviews. In the end, I got roped in by the fun blend of colors.

// 2: Hanging Pod

As a joint gift from Santa, the girls are getting a hanging pod swing for the basement. I’ve seen these so many places, but I found one that is a cotton canvas on Amazon for just $23. It got good reviews and can hold up to 170 pounds, so anyone in the house can use it. We’re going to hang it in the basement from a beam.

// 3: Play Tent, etc.

As another joint gift, I purchased a new pop-up play tent in the shape of a castle. I like how it's sort of gender-neutral (a lot of them were pink and purple). It's 53' tall, so even Ada will be able to stand inside of it. The best part is that it folds away easily and can be toted around the house because it's so light.

Oh, and I got them this pack of felt crowns to share on their adventures.

// 4: Mermaid Sensory Board

As yet another joined gift, I bought a yard of sequin mermaid fabric and I'm going to make a large sensory board (by fixing it to either a large cork board we have or maybe using a frame) with it so the girls can draw and play. We saw this at a local children's museum, and I immediately thought it would be an awesome idea!

// 5: Plush Toys

Then Ada's getting a stuffed bear made with alpaca fur that we bought at a festival in my hometown.

Eloise is getting a stuffed llama because llamas are her favorite.

// 6: Girl Gifts To Each Other

The girls got each other gifts as well. Ada got Eloise a set of plush donuts (she has a thing with donuts) for the play kitchen. Eloise "got" Ada the game Pie Face. I'm thinking that one will be fun when the whole family is visiting at Christmas.

// 7: Name Puzzle

I got Eloise a personalized name puzzle for her birthday, but it didn’t arrive on time so I saved it for Christmas. I figure this is a nice, heirloom sort of gift. I also just love her name.

// 8: Art Stuff

I love the idea of giving things that the kids will really use, and they always need art supplies. For Eloise, I picked up some of these beeswax crayons. They’re rectangular, so perfect for little hands. I looked through a variety of brands and these seem to get good marks for quality and price.

I am also getting some watercoloring supplies for both girls. A nice big pad of paper and a huge set of colors.

// 9: Magnet Blocks

While we already own these, I highly recommend magnetic blocks of some kind. We’re a Magformers family. I love how they are perfect for big and little hands. We build things with them but also make pictures on the refrigerator. They may be the toy that’s most often picked out of everything in the box.

// 10: Dolls

I bought a cute cloth doll by HABA for Ada years ago . . . and I never gave it to her. I set it aside as a gift for a future child. So, Eloise is getting the doll this year along with a sleep outfit for her. Or him. The one we have is quite androgynous, which is actually kind of nice.

// 11: More Dolls

What’s Ada’s big gift? Well, it’s something I didn’t expect to buy -- but she really (REALLY) wanted it. So, it’ll end up being a joint gift from me and my grandparents (they always give us money). I tracked down one of those Luvabella dolls this summer. I didn’t pay the crazy prices they’re going for now. It’s got AI and crazy robotics stuff going on. Kind of creepy, but she’s obsessed.

This list is almost complete, but there are a couple other items I got second hand that I intend to write about in the next week or two. I have some stocking stuffers I’ll be sure to share in that post as well. I’ll also be back soon with some gift lists for the men and women in your lives. Stephen and I aren’t getting much this year. Our recent furnace repair took care of that for us.

But I hope to post a bit about our Thanksgiving menu tomorrow. Maybe? My kids have been sick. It’s no fun at all. I’ve mostly been focusing on my freelance work, so I do apologize for neglecting the blog.

Happy Tuesday -- I’m off to Ada’s first choir concert!

Note: These are linked to Amazon, so if you purchase through the link I get a (very) small kickback. 
Thanks for supporting the blog for all these years!

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