Messy House Tour // Christmas Edition

>> Monday, November 27, 2017

So, we've been sick in this house for over two weeks now. Ada started with croup . . . and then we fell like dominos. Of course, this also meant we were sick for the Thanksgiving holiday. All five glorious days off we had been anticipating for, well, months. I had plans to bake, make wax ornaments, and generally deck the halls. Basically nothing has been crossed off that fun to-do list (here's our winter bucket list, if you're interested). And my house is wrecked.

I'm sure if you're on social media that you follow people for inspiration or even escape. I certainly do. But, and this is no secret, sometimes all that perfection can make you feel like, uh, crap. Even more crappy than you already feel. I was having a hint of this happening this morning as I scrolled through photo after photo of all those quirky short + stout Christmas trees placed in impeccable living rooms -- twinkling lights on the heaven setting.

This is what my house looks like right now. 

All the food is on the counters. There are electric cord extenders everywhere to hook in the outdoor lights. Clothes are on the dining table, along with random drawings and toys. I guess I didn't even snap a photo of the floor in the dining room (you can check it out on Instagram). I suppose I'll just submit these with no further comment.

And trust me . . . you do not want to go upstairs.

My bathrooms are actually quite clean, so that's a win on my part. Regardless, happy holidays. I'm sure I'll post some prettier photos eventually. I mean, we're all guilty of showing our best face even when things aren't great in reality. I'm hoping to kick this cough and to get my voice back soon. Tomorrow I'll be posting a homemade vegan turmeric cocoa recipe I've been making to curb my newfound $6 Starbucks habit.

Happy Monday!

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