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>> Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I am not going to make any huge adult gift list this year. But I will share a few things Stephen and I are actually getting under the tree. (Not TOTALLY done shopping yet!) I headed out to browse at physical stores over the weekend and was overwhelmed with traffic, parking, etc. So, this is all stuff you can find on Amazon if you're doing things last-minute and want to avoid the crowds.

I'd rather bake and decorate cookies.


  • Cat Draft Stopper. I shared this idea a few years ago and finally took the plunge this year. It arrived yesterday, and it's AWESOME. I can't wait for the girls to see it. And for it to block that draft by the front door.
  • KOZiKICKS Slippers. I'm a sucker for a good Shark Tank product. I couldn't resist these when I actually saw them in the store. They are really comfortable and seem extremely well made.
  • Spinning Vanity Organizer. Woohoo. Exciting! No, really. My mom got one of these recently, and she said it was life-changing. LOL. I'm hoping it'll help tame the clutter.
  • New Robe. There's a theme here, I guess. Things to be cozy. I haven't decided on exactly which robe, but it has to be really warm and hopefully have sherpa on it.
  • Aromatherapy Necklace. I've wanted one of these for a while. I don't do tons of oils, but I do like the scent on me from time to time, especially lavendar or balsam fir. Yes. I like to smell like a Christmas tree.


  • Yaktrax. Stephen is a trooper and runs even when it's super slick outside. We both use our running snowshoes when the powder really accumulates. But I thought these would be helpful if it's icy, which often happens.
  • Fandango Gift Card. Since we don't have family around, Stephen and I often don't go on dates. Well, at least together. We each love going to the movies, so I got Stephen a Fandango gift card. They come in varying amounts, but I just did $25 -- enough for about three movies/matinee.
  • Carharrt Hat. You can never have too many of these hats. We steal them from one another and sometimes can't find them when we need them, so I got a backup to the two we already have. 
  • Guitar Stuff. Stephen actually picked out his own gear, and I have no idea what he chose. I know he got a distortion pedal for his electric. Anyway, gear for their favorite hobby is usually a safe bet!
  • Power Bank. He's wanted one of these external iPhone batteries for a while. Honestly, I sort of want one, too.


Here are a few things I got for the girls to fill in the gaps, so to speak. Since I did my shopping early, there have been just a few things I've wanted to get since then. Mostly, the girls have both taken to playing with the toy kitchen. Together! It's awesome. But Ada's stash of play food has dwindled over the years.

I got them:


Alright, so this one is something I saw and thought could have gone one of two ways. First, it could have been a really stupid flop. Or, alternatively, it could be AMAZING. I was unable to contain myself, so I gave our family this gift over the weekend. AND IT WAS A HUGE, MASSIVE HIT.

What is it? An Indoor Snowball Fight kit

I know, I know. Ridiculous.

But you basically get all these large white pom balls that feel like real snow compacting when you squish them. There's no secret, you just throw them at one another. We have literally played this for hours already (Ada begged to play before school today), and I've recommended it to all my friends. It's a good way to get moving indoors when it's extremely cold (it "feels like" 0 degrees F here today).

More gift lists

And if you'd like to look back at my suggestions from previous years, have at it! I stand by everything I've posted. In fact, I still use those ideas today. Like I said, I finally bought that cat draft stopper, and I couldn't be happier.

PS: Don't forget to check out my Christmas messy house tour.

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