2018 // Micro-blogging in January

>> Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year, everyone! I kicked off 2018 by getting 10 hours of sleep for the first time in . . . a really, really long time. I'm also headed to yoga this morning. A real class, not YouTube in the basement (though that's great, too!). Hmm. This photo is nearly 10 years old. Do you remember my 10-year rewind post? It's a goodie.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know one of my big pushes in 2018 is to take a break from social media (Instagram and Facebook, specifically). I know lots of people are doing that, so it's nothing novel or particularly interesting. My goal isn't to get rid of Instagram in the long run (I love the community there. Facebook is another story -- and I've gone back to the evil side after quitting for a few months last year) . . . but I feel like Instagram has been stealing my blogging mojo and time I have to put toward other things in my life.

There really wasn't such intense social media back when I started blogging. It was write, write, write . . . maybe share some photos on Foodgawker or SeriousEats, and then just think of more content. The "good" bloggers have found a way to do it all -- even after having kids. I, personally, don't want to turn my life into a business. Or at least I'm no good at it. I need to turn off. To unwind. And I think I'd rather share my thoughts diary-style than try to market and monetize my lifestyle.

So, I've decided instead of sharing content on my social media platform, I'd like to dig back into blogging. I'll have the time if I'm not scrolling through feed after feed. What is a micro-blog? I don't know technically. But for me, it just means I'll only spend a maximum of like 5-10 minutes writing a post on something very focused. Today's post is simply to share my intentions, and then I'll dive in with some more interesting tidbits in the coming days -- my actual 2018 goals, what's up in our house, my pantry cleaning project, why I'm going to yoga 3 times a week, how TTC is going, etc.

Alright. For January (at least) . . . I'll only be logging on to Instagram for a bit (20 minutes?) each Monday. I'll share a collage of the week's blog posts and also hop onto stories to share a quick face-to-face "what's up" sort of video. Otherwise, please check back Monday through Friday here on neverhomemaker.

Stay warm. Be happy. Achieve your goals. And thanks so much for reading. I am excited to get back into a true rhythm, and I think I've finally figured out how to carve out the time.

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