Adventures with Mommy Cloth

>> Thursday, January 4, 2018

When I was writing up tutorials on how to use cloth diapers back when Ada was a baby, I got a rather flippant comment. A woman (who thought using cloth wipes was a gross, terrible thing -- it's not, by the way) said that if I was subjecting my kid to the use of cloth wipes . . . I, too, should be using cloth for my toilet trips and monthly period. At the time, I shrugged her comment off as snarky snark. But from time to time, I had thought about the idea of using cloth for myself, at least in some way.

No, I'm not using cloth wipes instead of toilet paper. But I did recently invest in a starter pack of cloth pads (there are so many kinds!) that I intend to use overnight during my period. I've heard really good things about cloth pads on forums and on Facebook groups. I hate pads in general, but I cannot get used to wearing tampons at night.

And I know I'll get a lot of comments or emails about menstrual cups. That's a topic for another day. I've tried various cups and none of them feel comfortable. Instead Cups actually do feel good, but they are relatively expensive and aren't reusable. (Are there any silicone cups in this shape?) I have a rather severely tilted uterus, and I wonder if that has something to do with it (and how my cervix is positioned). I'm actually planning to look into sea sponge tampons. The only reason I haven't taken the plunge is because I'm hoping to get pregnant soon, and I don't want to invest only to not use them. (Wishful thinking, eh? Update on this soon -- we have to skip a few months of trying. Blah!).

I called this post adventures with mom-cloth, but I haven't yet used these guys. Consider this the first installment. I purchased a set of 6 cloth pads from Teamoy that also came with a wet bag/carrying bag. Upon first inspection, they seem of very good quality. Snaps and fabric similar to cloth diapers. The absorbent part is fleece and seems very comfortable. I spent less than 20 dollars, which seems like a steal compared to other brands I've seen (and the reviews are really good!).

For reference, I bought the large since I'm going to use them overnight. I'll report back with my feelings later on in the month! I'm interested to see how they do with leaks. I'm hopeful they'll be the solution I'm looking for.

Have you tried mom-cloth? 

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