Decluttering My Life // 2018 Cleanout

>> Monday, January 15, 2018

After writing up my What's in My Makeup Bag post, I realized my microblogs have gotten a bit lengthy. I want to stick with writing, so this week I need to change things up a bit. Today I'm going to write up a short and sweet list of accomplishments I made toward my organization/cleaning/minimalism goals. There's more to just cleaning -- it's changing the whole cycle of buying and identifying needs vs. wants. But that's a post for another day.

To recap: Here's my action plan for getting rid of our clutter.

  • Cleared out most toys from our first floor living room
  • Purged half the toys from the basement playroom 
  • Leaned out more toys from the bedrooms
  • In total: Have donated or packed away a total of 2.5 large bins of toys

  • Collected two garbage bags of clothing to donate
  • Identified some items to sell on my Poshmark store
  • Separated out spring from winter clothing to have less stuff out
  • Packed away one large bin of clothing as a result -- less laundry!
  • Made a capsule wardrobe for myself of 25 items for winter
  • I didn't yet have Stephen go through his clothing -- doesn't have as much as I thought

  • Went through all drawers and cupboards
  • Got rid of one large box of items, including glass jars with no lids, broken stirring spoons, etc.
  • Relocated a bunch of stuff that had no business being in the kitchen (toys, personal care items, etc.)
  • Still have more to do . . . 

HOARDERS ROOM (a.k.a. 4th bedroom)
  • I could barely open the door to this room. No joke!
  • Found THREE bags of paper and other trash (broken things, not pizza boxes) in this room
  • Found a bin of maybe items that we'll hold onto for a month or so before donating
  • Have almost cleared the whole room out, except the closet -- which is amazing!

  • Go rid of near-empty bottles of product by combining with newer bottles
  • Organized our bulk items (soaps, shampoos, etc.) into bins for easy grabbing
  • Got rid of a bag of trash in this area
  • Found tons of used water glasses and dishes in the closet for some reason

All and all, these activities didn't take a single hour as I had hoped they would. It was more like on-and-off for two days. I'd say maybe five to six hours total. Yikes. But it was necessary. AND I'M STILL NOT DONE! I am hoping to give you some visuals in the coming days. I'll probably devote this entire week of blogging to organizing and minimalist stuff. 

Stay tuned . . . and check out more of this month's micro-posts.

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